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SMC Raptor C15 Primary Injection Test System
  • SMC Raptor C15 Primary Injection Test System
  • SMC Raptor C15
  • SMC Raptor C15 Primary Injection Test System
  • SMC Raptor C15 Primary Injection Test System

SMC Raptor C15 Primary Injection Test System

SMC authorised distributor

Raptor C15 Includes: - One Raptor MS master unit, One Raptor HH control console, One Raptor SL slave unit and One set of standard accessories.

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The SMC Raptor C15 is composed of one Raptor MS master unit, Raptor HH control console, Raptor SL slave unit and a set of standard accessories to output up to 15,000A, 8kVA.

The SMC Raptor sets a new standard for the design of primary injection test equipment. Leading edge technology and superior engineering have been combined into a small, yet powerful and remarkably portable package to make electrical commissioning and maintenance jobs safer, more accurate, and far more efficient.

The smallest Raptor system is composed by a master unit and a touch-sensitive handheld controller with a comprehensive collection of test and measurement features. The high current output uses an elegant implementation of the pass-through secondary technique, which grants the Raptor a distinct look with a big hole across its body.

The Raptor slaves are externally identical to the master unit but lack the amplifier, the handheld controller and the auxiliary input/output panels. Their only mission is to contribute an additional 5 kVA power from the mains input to the high current pass-through secondary. Up to three slaves can be added for up to 15,000 A with a 18-kVA total injection power.

The Raptor C-15 features the entire functionality of the C-05 and supplies 8 kVA power for medium-to-high current injection on moderate loads when making several conductor turns is not practical or when the system cannot be placed close to the receiver, thus imposing the use of a longer cable.


Smallest size and weight for outstanding portability.
Automatic output regulation with digital technology.
Multi-functionality for most primary injection testing.
Combining high current and high voltage injection.
Instant combination of units by infrared.
Loop-through high current technique.
Flexible modularity and adaptability.
Modern, robust and upgradeable technology.
Smart handheld controller with touch screen.
Results storage and reporting.
Predefined test templates.

SMC Raptor Video - How To Maximize your Test Current

SMC Raptor MS Specifications
High Current Output
Output CurrentOutput Voltage
No Load V (0%Imax)0 - 1.20 Vac - Continuous.
3.8 KAac (25%Imax)0 - 0.81 Vac - Continuous.
7.5 KAac (50%Imax)0 - 0.42 Vac - 3 min.
9.5 KAac (Imax)0 - 0.22 Vac - 3 s.
No Load Resolution25 uV ac.
Output Frequency20 - 400 Hz (Power reduction applied at 50 > f > 60 Hz).
Low Current Output (not simultaneous with high current output)
Output Current0 - 35 Aac (0 – 9 Aac continuous).
Voltage Output0 - 200 Vac.
Output Frequency20 - 400 Hz (Power reduction applied at 50 > f > 60 Hz).
Isolated outputYes.
Secondary Current(For high current output)
Ranges0-1 KA ac/N; 0-15 KA ac/N (n: number of secondary turns).
Resolution1 A ac, 10 A ac.
Accuracy±0.2% of the value ±0.2% of the range.
Phase Angle±0.25º.
Ammeter / Low Level Voltmeter
Ammeter Ranges0 - 0.2 / 0 - 2 / 0 - 20 A ac.
Ammeter Resolution0.1 mA ac, 1 mA ac, 10 mA ac.
Ammeter Impedance<10 m="" td="">
Voltmeter Ranges0 - 30 mV ac, 0 - 0, 3 Vac, 0 - 3 Vac.
Voltmeter Resolution0.015 mV ac, 0.15 mV ac, 1.5 mV ac.
Voltmeter Impedance>3000 KΩ.
Frequency range20 - 400 Hz.
Accuracy±0.1% of the value ±0.1% of the range.
Phase Angle±0.25º.
Isolated InputYes.
Ranges0 - 0.2 / 0 - 2 / 0 - 20 / 0 - 300 Vac.
Resolution0.1 mVac, 1 mVac, 10 mVac, 0.15 Vac.
Impedance>120 KΩ.
Frequency Range20 - 400 Hz.
Accuracy±0.1% of the value ±0.1% of the range.
Phase Angle±0.25º.
Isolated InputYes.
Binary Input
TypeDry contact / Voltage.
Voltage Mode Levels1.5 V, 15 V ; Max. Voltage 250 Vac.
Time Resolution1 ms.
Max. Voltage250 Vac.
Isolated InputYes.
Time Measurements
Measurement Range86400,000 S.
Resolution1 ms.
Accuracy± 0, 01 % Reading ± 1 mS.
2 RS-485Raptor Bus connectors to control unit Raptor-HH and/or other units.
2 IrDA interfacesTwo channels for master/slaves linking.
General Specifications
Supply230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz (single phase).
Max. Supply Current50 A RMS (240 V, when Raptor system max. power in 3 s).
Working Temperature0-50º C.
Storage Temperatura-25 to + 70 ºC.
ProtectionMCB, overload, temperature, supply, communications, polarity.
Sec. Hole Diameter85 mm.
TransportWheels, folding handle, fixed handle.
Dimensions550 x 440 x 230 mm / 21½” x 17½” x 9”.
Weight35 Kg / 77 lb.
SMC Raptor C15 WarrantyOne-year.
SMC Raptor HH Specifications
DisplayTransflective high definition colour TFT with resistive Touch Panel.
WheelRotary Encoder (Wheel and click).
LEDsAlarm, Connectivity, Power.
RS-485Raptor BUS Communication with Raptor-MS.
USBConnection to PC (RaptorSync).
RJ-45Ethernet for software updates
Mini-PC powered by Windows CE.
General Specifications
Power SupplySelf-powered from Raptor-MS, or with external power adapter 5 Vdc.
CaseHigh quality injection-moulded ABS, strong and ergonomic design, edge surfaces protected with TPE non-slip material. Magnetic base.
ComplianceAll EuroSMC products have conformity to CE-marking directives, complies with IEC and international standards, and are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the ISO-9001 Quality Standard.
Transport BagNylon soft bag.
Connection Cable5 m cable / 16 ½ ft cable.
Dimensions110 x 185 x 35 mm / 4” x 7” x 1½”.
Weight0.4 Kg / 1 lb.


SMC Raptor Datasheet

PDF Catalogue of the EuroSMC Raptor Multifunctional Primary Testing System.

Download (1.91M)

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SMC Raptor C15 Primary Injection Test System
BagRaptor HH protective nylon bag.BAG14
Power Cord3-metre (9 ft) power cord for Raptor units.CBL-PWR-RAP
CableRaptor HH 5-metre (15 ft) cable.CBL-HH-RAP
Supply AdapterAC/DC Supply Adapter for Handheld.CBL-VS-HH
Cable5-metre (15ft) low voltage measurement cable.CBL-LLV-RAP
Ethernet CordTwisted Pair Ethernet Cord, 2-meter.CBL ETH
Polarity TesterRaptor Polarity Tester.RAP-PT
3m Test Cable120mm2 cross section and 3 metres (9 ft) long test cable.CBL3M-RAP
6m Test Cable120mm2 cross section and 6 metres (19 ft) long test cable.CBL6M-RAP
9m test Cable120mm2 cross section and 9 metres (29 ft) long test cable.CBL9M-RAP
Connector Block x4Connector Block for upto 4CBL cables.RAP-ACC1
Connector Block x6Connector Block for upto 6CBL cables.RAP-ACC2
ClampsPair of High Current Clamps.RAP-HCC

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