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  • The Cable Core Identifier is designed to establish the phase rotation in an un-energised three phase H.V. cable prior to jointing.

    £ 121.00
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  • Accurate and positive identification of High Voltage power cables prior to spiking or commencing work for de-energised cables.

    £ 520.00
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  • Designed to identify a target cable from many cables at a remote location, the Lee Vaughan Cable Identifier MkV offers even more features.

    £ 693.00
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  • High voltage dead cable identifier, used to identify HV cables from LV cables prior to spiking and working on them.

    £ 1,210.00
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  • Basic cable identifier set for identification on de-energised cables.

    £ 2,975.00
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A Cable identifier is used by Electricity Distribution Engineers as an essential part of their equipment when reliable high voltage cable identification is required.