Lee Vaughan Cable Identifier MkIV

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Accurate and positive identification of High Voltage power cables prior to spiking or commencing work for de-energised cables.

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The Lee Vaughan Cable Identifier MkIV is designed to help identify one cable made dead, from a bunch of other live cables. The principal of operation is to attach the transmitter at one end of the dead cable, and at the remote end the cores on which the transmitter has been connected are shorted together. At any point along the cable the transmitted signal can be picked up by the receiver, and the cable identified.

By following the test procedure, the correct cable is identified from the combination of a distinctive tone in the head set and an accompanying deflection on the meter of the receiver.

  • Visual & audible identification from the rise and fall of induced signal due to the ‘lay’ of the cable cores.
  • Conveniently housed in fitted carry case
  • Transmitter & receiver each powered by readily available 4 x AA size cells.
  • Suitable for cable lengths up to 5kms depending on cable type.
  • Transmitter Signal: 1 .6KHz interrupted Power output minimised to avoid adjacent cable pickup.
  • Battery Power: 4 x AA per unit.
  • Dimensions Transmitter I Receiver: 175 x 90 x 45mm.
  • Carrying Case: 360 x 270 x 90mm.
  • Weight including carry case and batteries: 1.7Kg.

Includes: plastic carrying case foam-fitted to house the Cable Identifier transmitter, receiver, and headset.

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Lee Vaughan Cable Identifier MkIV