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  • The Sofamel SZ51SE (English) Rescue Kit is a life-saving set of all the necessary rescue equipment to be stored in easily accessible place.

    £ 706.00
  • The Sofamel SZ-51M panel contains all the rescue tools in a set place, making it accessible to all users in order to intervene if necessary.

    £ 938.00
  • The SOFAMEL Manoeuvring and Rescue Kit is a complete set of safety devices composed to tackle all dangerous situations within high voltage environment.

    £ 1,291.00
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Life Saving Kit is essential in every High Voltage Environment. Composed of various safety components including First Aid Kit, Rescue Rod, Stretcher, set of Fire Resistant Blankets, Insulated matting and more, it is a complete solution for every emergency at Substations and other High Voltage Environments.