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The T&R ART3V is ideally suited to testing G59 protection, including loss of mains protection.

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The T&R ART3V brings new features to the range of relay test equipment making it far more adaptable. The output voltages are higher and have a finer level of accuracy and control. The full colour LCD provides more test detail, making it easy to understand. The ART3V user interface is an improvement of the DVS3 mk2 allowing simple testing of complex voltage and loss of mains protection systems.

The ART3V has vastly improved accuracy, stability, and features. Designed to be the trusted and reliable voltage source for relay testing. The ART3V has been designed using the latest digital technology to generate a highly stable and accurate output with very low distortion. Each phase output is individually adjustable for voltage, frequency and phase angle. The unit is controlled by a simple user interface within defined menus. Values may be either typed in at the capacitive keypad or finely varied using a smooth rotary encoder.


The output of the ART3V has 4mm safety sockets for phases A, B, C and neutral. The neutral connection may be omitted for a delta connection. The neutrals can be linked for a star connection using the provided accessory.

USB Data

The ART3V can be connected to a USB keyboard for adding comments to tests. Each test is stored to a USB memory key with each comment. The data is stored in a *.CSV format allowing it to be opened in all types of desktop PC spreadsheet software.

Protection and Safety

The ART3V is CE marked and is designed to meet the requirements of BS EN61010, and EMC tested to BS EN 61326. The outputs are protected by overcurrent and thermal trips, and the contact inputs are protected by PTC thermistors. The phase lock current input is fuse protected, and the voltage input is impedance protected. An earth terminal is provided for connection to a local earth.


3ϕ Voltage output from 1ϕ supply
0-450V ϕN output voltage
20VA/phase maximum output
Variable Frequency 30 - 999.9Hz
Phase shift ±180.0°
Multi-function timing system
USB keyboard for comment
USB data storage.
Ideally suited to testing G59 schemes
Step change of phase and df/dt
Large 6.5” back-lit colour LCD
Automatic mains voltage selection
Fully Programmable test procedures.
Rugged case and weighs under 9kg.

T&R ART3V Specifications
Voltage 0 - 450 V ac phase-neutral.
Current (continuous) 40 mA at 450 V.
Voltage resolution
0.01 V phase-neutral.
Phase rotation ±180.0º.
Voltage accuracy ±0.1% rdg + 2d *All output ratings are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C
Frequency Range 30 - 999.99 Hz.
Frequency resolution 0.01 Hz.
Frequency accuracy ±0.05% rdg + 2d.
Phase resolution 0.1º.
Phase accuracy ±0.1º phase to phase.
Phase lock range 45 - 65 Hz.
External voltage ref. 20 - 250 V AC.
External current ref. 0.2-5 A AC.
Phase resolution 0.1º.
Phase accuracy ±0.3º phase to phase
±3.0º reference to output.
Timer resolution 1/10/100 ms.
Timer full scale 0 - 999.999s/9999.99s/99999.9s.
Timer accuracy ±0.01% rdg + 2d.
Contact O/C voltage 24 V.
Contact S/C current 20 mA.
Vdc input range 24 - 240 V dc.
Supply Requirements 90V - 264 V ±10% 45 - 65Hz 1ph 300 VA max.
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C.
Operating temperature 0°C to 45°C.
Dimensions 419 x 325 x 195mm.
Weight 8.9 kg.
T&R ART 3V warranty 12 months.

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T&R ART3V Relay Test Set