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Megger TRAX 219 Transformer and Substation Test System
  • Megger TRAX 219 Transformer and Substation Test System
  • Megger TRAX 219 Transformer and Substation Test System

Megger TRAX 219 Transformer and Substation Test System

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

TRAX is a transformer and substation test system packed with features that facilitates the transformer test engineer’s tasks and reduces testing time while results will be more reliable and accurate.

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NB: The TRAX219 has capabilities similar to those of the TRAX220, but has no touchscreen and is designed to work in conjunction with an external computer..

The Megger TRAX is defined and designed as a multi-functional transformer and substation test system and is addressing the demand for a single product/test system capable of performing multiple tests. The test system replaces numerous individual testing devices which make testing with TRAX a timesaving and cost-effective alternative to conventional measurements with separate instruments.

Optimised for transformer and general substation testing, TRAX test systems are capable of performing more than 20 different test functions including, for example, measurement of winding resistance, turns ratio, excitation current, short-circuit impedance, tan delta and capacitance, and frequency response of stray losses, as well as CT and VT testing and circuit breaker timing and motion analysis.

Each app implements a specific test function – for example, turns ratio measurement or winding resistance measurement – and automatically configures the instrument for this test. All unnecessary information is removed from the display with only information relevant to the test in hand remaining. This app-based approach makes TRAX test sets easy and intuitive to work with, and eliminates the need for extensive user training.

A variety of voltage and current levels can be generated and measured with high precision which allows the test system to be used for a wide range of applications such as ratio, excitation current, winding and contact resistance, impedance, tan delta/power factor testing and primary measurements of power system components. With its three binary inputs TRAX can also be used for various timing tests of e.g. circuit-breakers and relays.


Winding resistance with OLTC continuity check.
Turns ratio.
Excitation current.

Short-circuit impedance (leakage reactance).
Zero-sequence impedance.
FRSL (frequency response of stray losses).
Dynamic OLTC measurements (DRM).
Magnetic balance.
Contact resistance (dual ground).
Tan delta and capacitance .
CT ratio.
CT burden.
CT excitation curve (knee point).
VT ratio.
VT burden.
Voltage withstand.
Circuit-breaker timing and motion.
LV CB timing.
Single-phase relay testing.
Line impedance/K-factor.

The TRAX system comes with apps for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers. Its capability also facilitates testing the turns ratio of current transformers and use in other applications that require high variable currents.

TRAX includes a phase-angle meter for electrical power systems measurements. It displays phase angle, voltage, current, frequency and timing. The phase-angle is calculated from the relationship between two power signals, which can be current, voltage or any combination.

TRAX includes timer functionality that can be used separately for various applications where accurate time measurements are needed.

TRAX includes many functions that facilitate verification of substation protection and control systems, especially during commissioning. System functionality can be verified by injecting into the primary side of the CT or VT and measuring the respective values at the secondary.

Megger TRAX Specifications:

  • 200 A AC current output.
  • SW: Manual Control.
  • No internal screen, remote control only.
  • Variable AC and DC voltage and current outputs.
  • All AC outputs variable frequency 5–505 Hz.
  • Four analog inputs capable of measuring AC and DC voltages/currents.
  • Three binary inputs for timing, contact or voltage sense.
  • TRIG IN to start the measurement from an external trig signal (contact or voltage).
  • Capability to manually as well as automatically ramp voltage or current outputs.
  • Capability to manually as well as automatically generate sequences of voltage or current outputs.
  • Mains input: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz (± 10%).
  • Current input: ≤ 16 A continuous, Short-term up to 30 A < 60 s.
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F).
  • Display: TFT touch, 10.4 inch, 1024 x 768.
  • Ethernet port: For running the instrument from an external PC or connect it to an external network.
  • USB: 3 USB ports for multipurpose use.
  • CE-Marking: EMC IEC 61326-1, LVD IEC 61010-1:2010.
  • Dimensions (main unit): 475 x 315 x 330 mm (excl. handles).
  • Weight TRAX 219: 25 kg (55 lbs).

Includes: Mains cable 16 A (EU), Ground cable, 6 m (18 ft), Ethernet cable, 3 m, shielded, Interlock 2, safety hand switch, 2 m (6 ft), Test cable, 10 m, black, Test cable, 10 m, red, 2 x Timing clamp, 5 kV cable 5 m, black, 5 kV cable 5 m, red, Dolphin clip black, Dolphin clip red, Kelvin cable, 10 m (30 ft), black, Kelvin cable, 10 m (30 ft), red, Current cable, 16 mm2, 10 m (20 ft), black, Current cable, 16 mm2, 10 m (20 ft), red, Jumper cable, 10 mm2, 5 m (15 ft), TRAX transport case with wheels, Transformer SW package, Megger Trax User Manual.

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Megger TRAX 219 Transformer and Substation Test System

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