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T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System
  • T&R 50A-3PH Mk2
  • T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System
  • T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System
  • T&R 50A-3PH Mk2

T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System

T&R Approved distributor and service company.

Includes: T&R 50A-3PH mk2 Operating manual, output lead set, mains lead, spare fuse set.

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The T&R 50A-3PH mk2 is a flexible 3 phase current injection system capable of supplying currents of up to 50A ac per phase into a variety of loads. The unit is designed for testing devices used for power system protection, but can be used wherever a 3 phase high current AC source is required. The outputs may also be used in voltage mode to supply voltages of up to 18Vac.

The T & R 50A-3PH mk2 requires a 3 phase 4 wire 400V supply (400V version) or a 3 phase 3 wire 220V supply (220V version), but an optional delta-star converter is available, allowing the 400V 50A-3PH mk2 to be operated from 115V, 230V, 400V or 440V three wire supplies.

The 50A-3PH mk2 is designed to be used on ‘dead’ systems (i.e. no externally supplied voltages are present on the test object). Under no conditions connect the 50A-3PH mk2to a live system. Always check that the power to the device under test is off and the circuit is isolated before making any connections.


0 - 50A three phase output.
Clear and simple user interface.
3 phase current output.
0 - 50A per phase output current.
True RMS digital metering.
Memory ammeter.
Multi-function timing system.
Auxiliary metering input.
Large back-lit liquid crystal display.
Thermal and over-current protection.
Compact and portable.
220V or 400V 3 phase mains supply options.
115V - 440V 3 wire supply with optional supply transformer.

T&R 50A-3PH Specifications
Main Output
RangeContinuous5 minutes1 minute
3.5 V16 A32 A50 A
18 V4 A8 A12 A
RangeResolutionTrip CurrentAccuracy
5.000 A0.001 A5.25 A±0.6%rdg+5d.
20.00 A0.01 A21 A±0.6%rdg+5d.
50.00 A0.01 A52.5 A±0.6%rdg+5d.
Auxiliary Metering Inputs
Volts AC270.0 V.0.1 V.±0.7%rdg+5d.
Volts AC270.0 V.0.1 V.±0.7%rdg+5d.
Amps AC5.000 A.1 mA.±0.7%rdg+5d.
Frequency20 - 1000 Hz0.1 Hz±0.2%rdg+1d.
Auxiliary Output
Single PhaseIsolated 110 Vac 300 mA/220 Vac 150 mA auxiliary output is provided.
ConnectionsRS232 and T&R link (reference for DVS3 phase-shifting voltage source).
Timing System
Range0 - 999.999s.
Resolution1 ms.
Accuracy±0.01%rdg+2d (+4d current operated mode).
General Specifications
Storage Temperature-20°C to 60°C.
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C.
Dimensions560 × 456 × 265 mm.
Weight24.9 kg.
T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 warrantyOne-year.


T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 three phase current injection system.

Download (2.87M)

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T&R 50A-3PH Mk2 Three Phase System

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