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Cropico DO5001 10A Microhmmeter
  • Cropico DO5001 10A Microhmmeter
  • Cropico DO5001 10A Microhmmeter

Cropico DO5001 10A Microhmmeter

Cropico authorised distributor and service centre.

Includes: Cropico DO 5001 with RS232 interface, mains cord, handbook and DO5001 certificate of conformity.

£4798.8 Inc. VAT

The Cropico DO5001 microhmmeter is a truly remarkable instrument and ideally suited for laboratory testing of samples, for production line testing, and with the addition of the interfaces RS232 / IEEE-488 or PLC, the DO5001 may be remotely controlled.

The DO5001 is a true four wire measuring instrument eliminating the need to compensate for lead resistance. The measured value is displayed in large characters with decimal point and units kΩ, Ω, or mΩ. For maximum accuracy the measuring current may be automatically reversed and the average of measurement displayed. For measurements on unstable samples, a rolling average filter is available.

Automatic temperature compensation and Hi / Lo limit permits sorting of components with the minimum of fuss. All these options are included in the basic unit as well as a data logging function which stores up to 4000 readings with date and time stamp. Statistical analysis of these values allows you to display the max / min /average values as well as peak to peak and standard deviation. The Cropico DO5001 will even calculate cable lengths in ohms/metre.

For applications where portability is required the model 5001 may be powered either from the mains or by the inbuilt rechargeable batteries.


True 4 terminal measurement eliminates lead resistance errors.
Measuring range from 3 milli ohm to 30 kilo ohm,
100 nano ohm resolution.
True zero capabilities.
Digital Calibration.
Automatic temperature compensation with programmable coefficients.
Current range from 10mA to 10A.
Fast measuring capability of 50 measurements per second.
Programmable measuring current 10% to 100% in 1% steps.
High Accuracy 0.03%.
Cable length calculations.
Mains / rechargeable battery operation.

Cropico DO5001 Specifications
Range Resolution Minimum Current Maximum Current Accuracy at Full Rated Current
30 kΩ 1 Ω 10 μA 100 μA ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.02% FS)
3 kΩ 100 mΩ 100 μA 1 mA ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.01% FS)
300 Ω 10 mΩ 1 mA 10 mA ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.01% FS)
30 Ω 1 mΩ 10 mA 100 mA ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.01% FS)
3 Ω 100 μΩ 100 mA 1 A ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.01% FS)
200 mΩ 10 μΩ 1 A 10 A ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.01% FS)
30 mΩ 1 μΩ 1 A 10 A ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.01% FS)
3 mΩ 100 nΩ 1 A 10 A ±(0.03% Rdg + 0.02% FS)
General Specifications
Measurement 4 terminal Kelvin/Thomson principle eliminates errors due to lead resistance.
Display LCD graphics panel with backlit 30,000 count screen.
Ranges 8 - automatic or manual selection.
Terminals 4 mm safety sockets.
Working Temperature 0 to 45°C
Relative humidity - 80% max non-condensing.
Storage Temperature -20 to +60°C.
Mains Supply 115/230 V ±10%, 47 to 63 Hz, 250 VA.
Safety EN61010-1
EMC-EN 61236.
Auto Zero Permits the zero of measurement values.
Average Automatic average and display of measurement with forward and reverse current.
Automatic Temperature Compensation Automatically references measurement to temperature of 20°C or user-defined temperature. User coefficients may be used. External Pt100 senses temperature or manual value can be used.
High/Low Limits Limit values can be set over entire measurement range.
Calibration Digital passcode protected.
Protection 415V rms between any measurement terminals.
Dimensions 339 x 324 x 131 mm (W x H x D) approx.
Weight 12 kg (DO5000)
15 kg (DO5001).
DO5001 warranty 12 month warranty subject to product registration with Seaward.


Cropico DO5000 Series Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Cropico DO5000 Series Micro Ohmmeters.

Download (114.73k)

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Cropico DO5001 10A Microhmmeter
C02 1m cable clamp with metal base for the precise measurement of 1m cable samples. 930150
C02A 1m cable clamp with metal base for the precise measurements of 1m cable samples. 930214
C03 1m cable clamp with water bath for the precise measurement of 1m cable samples. 930419
HS01-P Duplex handspikes with 3m lead length 190077
HS02-P Duplex handspikes with 3 and 15m lead length 190057
IEEE-DO5 IEEE-488 interface 100075
LS03-P Lead set with 3m leads terminated with large Kelvin clips (type KC3) 190045
LS04-P Lead set with 3m and 15m leads terminated in large Kelvin clips (type KC3) 190049
LS05 Lead set with 4 x 1m leads terminated in banana plugs, 4 x croc clips,
4 x test probes an 2 x Kelvin clips (type KC1).
LS06-P Lead set with 1m leads terminated in miniature Kelvin clips (type KC2) 190050
PLC-DO5 PLC interface and analogue output 100078
PT02-DO5 Temperature probe with 2m lead length 190036
CHO1 Concentric handspikes 930108
RSL-02 RS232 download cable 100031

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