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Megger DLRO10HDX + DH4-C Lead Set
  • Megger DLRO10HDX + DH4-C Lead Set
  • Megger DLRO10HDX + DH4-C Lead Set
  • Megger DLRO10HDX + DH4-C Lead Set

Megger DLRO10HDX + DH4-C Lead Set

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Includes: Megger DLRO10HDX Dual Power 10A Low Resistance Ohmmeter, DH4-C Connect Duplex Handspikes, Lid-Mounted Test Lead Pouch, DLRO10HD User Guide on CD, Warranty Book.

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Augmenting Megger’s range of 10 A micro-ohmmeters, the DLRO10HDX combines ultimate simplicity of operation with a rugged IP65 case designed for stable ground and bench operation and provides memory storage.

Both the DLRO10HD and the DLRO10HDX measure the same tests and parameters, in addition the DLRO10HDX can save, recall and download test results to PowerDB. The Megger DLRO10HDX measures low resistance values in applications ranging from railways and aircraft to resistance of components in industry.

The DLRO10HDX features five test modes with auto start on connection. Each mode can be selected using a rotary control on a mode selection switch. This easy-to-use switch can be operated in all weather conditions and while wearing gloves.

Any metallic joint can be measured but users must be aware of measurement limitations depending on application. For example, if a cable manufacturer plans to make resistive measurements on a thin wire, a low test current should be selected to prevent heating the wire thereby changing its resistance.

The DLRO10HDX is well suited to measuring thick conductors, bonds and quality of welding because of its 10 A range for resistance values up to 250 mΩ.


Onboard memory storage for test results up to 200 records.
Download to PowerDB.
Interchangeable test lead terminations.
High or low output power selection for condition diagnosis.
Operates from battery or AC mains supply.
Protected to 600 V without blowing a fuse, test lead live voltage warning light.
Heavy duty case: IP 65 lid closed, IP54 operational.
Simple rotary switch selection of five test modes, including auto start on connection.

Megger DLRO Comparison Chart
Power limited output test ranges (<0.25 W):
High power output test ranges (25 W):
Auto current reversal:
Auto start (continuity detection):
High input protection:
Noise immunity specified at 100 mV:
Noise limit exceeded indicator:
User interchangeable detachable battery pack:
Hang from neck operation:
Operate from mains supply:
IP65 lid closed:
IP54 in use:
Ultra tough case:
Test result storage:
Printer and PC output:
User selectable test limits:

DLRO10HD Product Video

Megger DLRO10HDX Specifications
Test Current Resistance Range Resolution Basic Accuracy* Full Scale Voltage Max. Power Output
0.1 mA 0 to 2500.0 Ω 0.1 Ω ± 0.2% 25 mV 25 μW
0.1 mA 0 to 250.00 Ω 0.01 Ω ± 0.2% 25 mV 2.5 μW
1 mA 0 to 25.000 Ω 1 mΩ ± 0.2% 25 mV 25 μW
10 mA 0 to 2500.0 mΩ 0.1 mΩ ± 0.2% 25 mV 250 μW
100 mA 0 to 250.00 mΩ 0.01 µΩ ± 0.2% 25 mV 2.5 mW
1 A 0 to 25.000 mΩ 1 µΩ ± 0.2% 25 mV 25 mW
10 A 0 to 2500.0 µΩ 10 µΩ ± 0.2% 25 mV 0.25 W
1 A 0 to 2500.0 mΩ 0.1 mΩ ± 0.2% 2.5 V 2.5 W
10 A 0 to 250.00 mΩ 0.01 µΩ ± 0.2% 2.5 V 25 W
* The accuracy stated assumes forward and reverse measurements.
Temperature coefficient
< 0.01% per ºC, from 5 ºC to 40 ºC
Display size/type Main 5 digit + 2 x 5 digit secondary displays.
Battery type 6 V, 7Ah sealed lead acid.
Voltage input range 100 - 240 V 50 / 60 Hz 90 VA.
Memory features selection Rotary switch
Record storage 200 test records.
Download Test Result Records Yes - requires PowerDB (Windows).
Charge time 8 hours.
Backlight LED Backlight.
Battery life >1000 Auto (3 sec) tests.
Auto power down 300s.
Operating temperature and humidity -10 °C to +50 °C.
EMC In accordance with IEC61326-1 (Heavy industrial).
Maximum lead resistance 100 mΩ total for 10 A operation irrespective of battery condition.
Mode selection Rotary switch.
Range selection Rotary switch.
Pouch for test leads Yes (lid mounted).
IP rating IP65 case closed, IP54 battery operation.
Dimensions (L)315 mm x (W)285 mm x (H)181 mm.
Weight 6.7 kg.
Megger DLRO10HDX warranty Two years, the second year being conditional on the free registration of the product.


Megger DLRO10HDX Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger DLRO10HDX 10A Ohmmeter.

Download (1.36M)

Megger DLRO Test Leads

PDF Datasheet of the Megger DLRO Test Leads Fitted with Duplex Connectors options.

Download (1.41M)

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Megger DLRO10HDX + DH4-C Lead Set
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Pouch Lid pouch. 1005-623

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