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Megger PAT150 Hand-held PAT Tester
  • Megger PAT150 Hand-held PAT Tester
  • Megger PAT150 Hand-held PAT Tester
  • Megger PAT150 Hand-held PAT Tester
  • Megger PAT150 Hand-held PAT Tester

Megger PAT150 Hand-held PAT Tester

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Megger PAT150 Portable Appliance Tester, Continuity/earth bond test lead Probe & Croc Clip, Extension Lead Adaptor, Mains Supply Cord, SELV/mains voltage test lead Red, Calibration certificate, Instructions & Carry Case.

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Battery powered operation makes the PAT100s perfect for those locations where an electrical supply is not available, inconvenient or unsafe, especially building sites and warehouses. The PAT100 series conforms to all UK and European requirements for electrical safety testing.

The Megger PAT150 pat tester offers Portable RCD (PRCDs) testing at 10 mA and 30 mA, separate tests for continuity, insulation, mains powered leakage testing and SELV measurements using the quick test (QT) button, and can be used for testing fixed appliances.

The PAT150 includes the facility for mains powered leakage test. This test has the benefit that equipment under test will function during the test sequence.

Encased in rugged rubber armour and fitted with toughened Gorilla glass, the Megger PAT150 is incredibly durable.

Separated Extra Low Voltage (SELV) Supplies

SELV supplies should be tested to ensure the output voltage does not exceed maximum limits as defined in the international regulations for Extra Low voltage systems. The PAT150 permits up to 50 V ac measurement, with a PASS or fail indication for SELV.


Simple tick or cross, pass or fail indication plus measurement.
Battery powered with rechargeable options.
Includes 250 V insulation and leakage testing for safe IT testing and surge protected devices.
Testing portable and fixed electrical equipment.
10 mA and 30 mA portable RCD lead testing.
Adjustable PASS test limits and mains powered leakage testing.
Tough, rubber armoured with built-in front cover, hardened, scratch proof display window.

PAT100 Series Product Video

Megger PAT150 Specifications
Operating ambient
Nominal humidity.
Test voltage
Compliance Voltage: +4V dc –0% /+10 % (open circuit).
Test current
Bi-directional +200 mA -0% + 50 mA (into 2 Ω load).
Continuity accuracy resistance ± 5% ± 3 digits (0 to 19.99 Ω).
Resistance resolution 10 mΩ.
Display range 0.01 to 19.99 Ω.
Test time
User selectable from 2 sec to 20 sec or selected during test to 180sec.
Insulation test 250 V dc –0 % /+25 % open circuit, 500 V dc –0 % /+25 % open circuit
≥ 500 V –0% dc across 0.5 MΩ load.
Accuracy ±3% ±10 digits (0 to 19.99 MΩ).
Resolution 0.01 MΩ.
Display range 0.10 MΩ to 99.99 MΩ.
Test duration User selectable from 2 sec to 20 sec or selected during test to 180 sec.
Substitute Leakage Test
Leakage current Accuracy ± 5% ± 3 digits.
Test frequency Nominal mains frequency 50Hz.
Test voltage < 50V ac.
Leakage Current Resolution 0.01 mA.
Display range 0.10 to 19.99 mA.
Test duration User selectable from 2 sec to 5 seconds. Reading corrected to 230V ac.
Test voltage 0 to 300 V ac.
Accuracy ± 3% ± 3 digits.
Resolution 0.1 V ac.
Display range 0.1 to 300 V ac.
Mains Supply Test
Frequency Measurement Range 50 Hz.
Test Voltage 40 to 300 V AC.
Accuracy ±3% ± 3 digits.
Resolution 0.1 V AC.
Display Range 40 to 300V AC.
General Specifications
Battery type Eight AA LR6 cells 12 V dc (Alkaline cells).
Battery life Over 1000 full Class 1 tests using 3400 mAh Alkaline battery.
Fixed PASS limits Yes.
IP rating IP40 (with front cover closed).
Dimentions 203 mm (L) x 148 mm (W) x 78 mm (H).
Weight 1300g (45.8 oz).
Megger PAT150 warranty One year.


Megger PAT100 Series Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger PAT120 & Megger PAT150 Handheld PAT Tester.

Download (230.6k)

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Megger PAT150 Hand-held PAT Tester
Adaptor Extension lead adaptor 230 V, 13 A UK. 1001-234
Case Carry case PAT100 Series. 1005-075
Strap Carry strap. 1005-076
Lead UK mains plug test lead (BS1363 plug). 6231-601

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