Megger PAT120 PAT Tester


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The Megger PAT120 PAT tester offers Class I, Class II and power and extension lead testing with fixed pass limits; because it has two insulation test voltages it can be used to test IT and surge protected equipment.

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The Megger PAT120 pat tester is the toughest, simplest and most economical PAT tester available that gives results that conform to the 4th Edition of the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

Encased in rugged rubber armour and fitted with toughened “Gorilla” glass, the Megger PAT120 is incredibly durable and its battery powered operation makes it ideal for those locations where an electrical supply isn’t available or where a mains powered PAT tester would prove impractical.

Users requiring enhanced specifications including earth leakage testing, touch current and portable RCD testing should view the Megger PAT150 here


Simple tick or cross, pass or fail indication plus measurement.
Battery powered with rechargeable options.
Includes 250 V insulation and leakage testing.
for safe IT testing and surge protected devices.
Testing portable and fixed electrical equipment.
Tough, rubber armoured with built-in front cover, hardened, scratch proof display window.



Operating ambient
Nominal humidity
Test voltage
Compliance Voltage: +4V dc –0% /+10 % (open circuit)
Test current
Bi-directional +200mA -0% + 50mA (into 2Ω load)
Continuity accuracy resistance ± 5% ± 3 digits (0 to 19.99 Ω)
Resistance resolution 10 mΩ
Display range 0.01 to 19.99Ω
Test time
User selectable from 2 sec to 20 sec or selected during test to 180sec
Insulation test 250V dc –0 % /+25 % open circuit, 500V dc –0 % /+25 % open circuit
≥ 500V –0% dc across 0.5 MΩ load
Insulation accuracy ±3% ±10 digits (0 to 19.99 MΩ)
Resolution 0.01 MΩ
Display range 0.10 MΩ to 99.99 MΩ
Test duration User selectable from 2 sec to 20 sec or selected during test to 180 sec
Leakage current Accuracy ± 5% ± 3 digits
Test frequency Nominal mains frequency 50Hz
Test voltage < 50V ac
Leakage Current Resolution 0.01mA
Display range 0.10 to 19.99mA
Test duration User selectable from 2 sec to 5 seconds. Reading corrected to 230V ac
Fixed PASS limits Yes
IP rating IP40 (with front cover closed)
Dimentions 203mm (L) x 148mm (W) x 78mm (H)
Weight 1150g
Megger PAT120 warranty One year
Includes: Megger PAT120 Portable Appliance Tester, 4mm plug lead probe & croc clip, Extension lead adaptor & Carry case.
Battery Powered Yes
Insulation Test Voltages 250V & 500V
IT Safe Yes
RCD Test No
Handheld Yes

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Megger PAT120 PAT Tester