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Megger MFT-X1
  • Megger MFT-X1
  • Megger MFT-X1
  • Megger MFT-X1
  • Megger MFT-X1

Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Installation Tester

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Switched test probe SP5, red test lead, probes, clips and grabbers, blue test lead, probe, clips and grabbers, green test lead, probe, clips and grabbers, Li-ION battery 4400 mAh, Li-ION battery charge, SIA10 MAINS socket interface adaptor UK, neck strap, multipurpose hard base carry case, quick start guide, calibration certificate.


NEW - Pre-order the Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Installation Tester for Feb 2023 Delivery

The Megger MFT-X1 multifunction installation tester covers all test requirements, including EV charge points (when paired with the EVCA210 charge-point adaptor) and domestic photovoltaic systems in low-voltage installations.

Megger have redesigned the MFT and this new tester comes with a host of new features and is designed for use on all single or 3-phase domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations.

Key innovations include True Loop™, Megger’s most advanced earth loop impedance measurement system, user-configurable auto-sequence RCD testing, automatic volt-drop calculation, stabilised IR test voltage output and – an industry first – plug in Li-ION battery module.

The Megger MFT-X1 can be used with either the Megger Li-ION battery pack, or the AA NiMH or Alkaline battery technologies*. The unique battery pack solution enables the rechargeable 4 Ahr Li-ION pack to be swapped with the AA carrier module, providing the most flexible and fastest battery change solution in the industry. A smart fuel tank chip technology optimises battery status accuracy on the Li-ION pack.
* Available after launch


CATIV 300 V.
True Loop™ - testing in high noise conditions or close to the source of supply.
High resolution 0.001Ω loop test. 
Patented Confidence Meter™ technology.
CertSuite™ Compatibility - fully integrated into the instrument.
RCD configurator - optimise your RCD testing.
Stabilised insulation test voltage - ensuring output voltage is accurate to within +2% +2 digits. 
EV Charge Point Testing.
Current measurement using the optional Megger MCC1010 current clamp.
Full colour TFT bonded display.
New Voltage Widget - displays the L-N, L-E and N-E voltages.
Fast switch rechargeable plug-in battery pack.
User upgradeable operating system using a standard microSD card.
Context help with graphical circuit connection guide.
Designed and built in Dover.

Megger MFT-X1 Product Video

Megger MFT-X1 Specifications
Voltage Measurement
Voltage range 0.001 V to 2 V (mV range) 2 V to 600 V (V range), 1000 V DC (on-CAT rated circuits).
Voltage type Trms, AC, DC.
Phase sequence Automatic phase sequence testing on detection of valid three phase supplies.
Current Measurement (non-contact)
AC Trms Using optional accessories: MCC1010 current clamp.
Measurement Range MCC1010: 1 mA to 300 A.
Measurement range Digital display 0.01 Ω to 999 kΩ Auto-ranging.
Measurement Range Analogue arc 0 Ω to 1 MΩ log scale.
Test voltage 4 V DC to 5 V DC.
Test current (Nominal) >200 mA 0 Ω >< 2 Ω
10 mA
Auto reduction on high resistance (actual current reported in display).
Test polarities Forward polarity.
Buzzer resistance range > 0.01 Ω < 2 kΩ.
Buzzer threshold 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200 Ω.
Insulation Testing
Measurement range Digital display 0.001 MΩ to 999 MΩ Auto-ranging.
Measurement range Analogue arc 0.001 MΩ to >1000 MΩ log scale.
Insulation test voltages 50 V DC to 1000 V DC + Variable 50 V to 999 V.
Test current 1 mA to 2 mA.
Stabilised output voltage Output test voltage stabilised to -0% +2% +2 V.
Loop Impedance Testing
2 Wire – all modes
Test types Mode 1: Non-Trip.
Mode 2: High current.
Mode 3: High resolution.
Resolution Non-Trip: 0.01 Ω.
High current: 0.01 Ω.
High resolution: 0.001 Ω.
Voltage range Non-trip: 48 V AC to 280 V AC.
High current: 48 V AC to 550V AC.
High resolution: 48 V AC to 550 V AC.
Frequency range 45 Hz to 65 Hz (all modes).
Phases Non-trip: Single phase.
High current: Three phase.
High resolution: Three phase.
3 wire - non-trip
Test types RCD (non-trip)
RCD EV (non-trip on 6mA EV RDCs).
Resolution 0.01 Ω.
Voltage range 48 V AC to 280 V.
Frequency range 45 Hz to 65 Hz.
Phases Single phase.
Volt Drop
Volt drop calculation Requires Zref (Ze) and circuit current (I-vdrop).
Accuracy Dependent on loop impedance accuracy.
RCD Testing
RCD types supported Type AC, A, B, AC(S), A(S), B(S).
Auto RCD sequence 1/2x I∆n, 1x I∆n, 2x I∆n, 5x I∆n, Ramp, 0º/180º
(customer configurable).
Ramp testing 10 mA to 1000 mA.
RDC testing 6 mA RDC.
Fault (Touch) voltage 0 V to 253 V.
Earth Testing 
2 wire 2 wire earth resistance test.


Megger MFT-X1 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Installation Tester.

Download (431.55k)

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Megger MFT-X1 Multifunction Installation Tester
Carry Case Blow moulded carry case (Polypropylene). 1013-453
Test Probe Switched test probe SP5. 1002-774
Neck Strap Neck strap replacement. 1013-454
Battery Module 8x AA Alkaline quick release battery module with AA cells. 1013-452
Clamp MCC1010 Current clamp. 1010-516
Socket Adaptor MSA1363 socket adaptor UK. 1013-837
Lamp Adaptor LA-KIT Lamp adaptor kit. 1014-833
UKAS Cert UKAS Calibration certificate. 1013-460

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