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TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser
  • TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser
  • TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser
  • TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser

TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser

TPI Approved Distributor & Service Centre

Includes: TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser, Rubber Boot, Battery Charger, Soft Carrying Case, Flue Sampling Probe, In-Line Filter Assembly on Flue Probe, Temperature Probe, Mini Pump Protection Filter Assembly and Spare Filters, Exhaust Spigot (Removable), Instruction Manual.


*** Please note that our 14-day money-back guarantee for flue gas analysers only applies if the tester is found to be faulty. ***

The TPI 709R Flue Gas Combustion Efficiency Analyser measures CO, O2, Temperature & Pressure and can calculate CO2 (in a flue), CO/CO2 ratio, efficiency and excess air. It includes all the features needed for boiler commissioning, including flow and return and tightness tests.

With a large, easy-to-read, backlit display, simple to navigate operating system it really is the most cost efficient FGA on the market. The TPI 709R conforms to EN50379 and is suitable for engineers working with BS7967, the usage standard.

The instrument is ruggedly constructed and comes with a limited 6 Year Warranty*.

*subject to annual servicing being carried out by TPI Europe or one of its approved service centres.


Long Life O2 & CO Sensors.
Water Trap & Disc Filter as standard on the thermocouple gas sampling probe.
In-line Pump Protection Filter as standard.
10 Fuel options including Wood, Light & Heavy Oil, LPG and Natural Gas.
Capability of sending Live or Stored readings to an optional IR Printer.

Combustion Analysis
Check Net/Gross Efficiency.
Adjust CO,CO2 & Ratio Values.
Check CO2 & O2 Values on Appliance.

Differential Pressure
Adjust Gas/Air Mixture.
Test Air Pressure Switch.
Use for Tightness Testing.

Differential Temperature
Flow & Return Adjustments.
Balance Radiators.
Check Thermostat & Water.

CO Detection.
Highlights CO Spillage.
Indicates areas of High CO Production.

TPI Model 709R Flue Gas Analyser Product Video

TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser Specifications
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Range 0 to 10,000 ppm
Resolution 1 ppm
Accuracy +/-5ppm or 5% of reading whichever is greater.
Oxygen (02) Measurement Range 0 to 25%
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ±0.3%.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Range 0 to 25%
Resolution 0.1%
Calculated Value.
Nitric Oxide Measurement N/A.
NOX Measurement N/A.
Temperature Measurement Range -40 to 1472°F, or -40 to 800°C
Resolution 1°F or °C
Accuracy (K-type) ±0.3%, ±2°F or ±1°C.
Selectable Ranges mBar,kPa, and inH2O
Ranges -150 mBar to +150 mBar -15 kPa to +15 kPa -60
inH2O to +60 in H20
Resolution 0.001 inH2O
Accuracy ±0/5% fsd.
Gross/Net Efficiency Range 0 to 100%
Resolution 0.1%
Calculated Value.
CO/CO2 Ratio Range 0 to 0.999
Resolution 0.001.
Calculated Value.
Operating Temperature 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C).
Battery Type Rechargeable Batteries.
Selectable Fuels Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Bituminous Coal,
Anthracite Coal, Coke, Butane, Wood, Bagasse.
Display Type Backlit 3 line LCD.
Data Storage 50 Locations.
Data Logging N/A.
Print Capability Yes, via optional IR printer (A740).
PC Communication N/A.
Date and Time Function 24 Hour Real Time Clock.
Dimensions 200 x 90 x 60mm.
Weight 500g.
Conformity BS7927 (and the draft BS7967).
Flue Temperature Probe
Construction Pistol Grip with Stainless Steel Shaft.
Hose Length 8.2' (2500mm).
Insertion Length 7.9” (200mm).
‘K’ Type Thermocouple Accuracy +/- 0.3% of fullscale, +/- 2°F (1°C).
Maximum Temperature 1472°F (800°C).
Pressure Measurement
Selectable Ranges mbar, kPa and inH2O.
Range –150 mbar to +150 mbar.
Resolution 0.01 mbar & 0.1 mbar.


TPI 709R Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser.

Download (586.88k)

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TPI 709R Combustion Efficiency Analyser

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