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Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit
  • Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit
  • Testo 320B

Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit

Testo Approved distributor and service company.

Includes: testo 320B flue gas analyser with O2 & CO sensor, international mains unit, basic flue gas probe (180 mm, Ø 6 mm) and soft transport case.

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Designed especially for the UK market, the Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser has a colour graphic display providing a unique user interface experience to access measurement menus for: Flue gas Analysis, Draught Measurement, Differential Pressure, Differential pressure, Ambient CO Measurement, Letby & Tightness testing.

The Testo 320B also has a built-in memory, li-ion rechargeable batteries, printer (not supplied with 320B standard kit) and supports the full range of fuels including natural gas, butane, propane, light oil, kerosene, heavy oil, wood pellets, coal, anthracite and coke, all within a robust and easy to use housing. The Testo 320B is a development from the Testo 320 analyser which was delivered with a huge array of features and functions aimed at the discerning engineer. Now Testo has made the same unique user interface and advanced features available to the mass market by launching a significantly lower cost version in the Testo 320B, it’s even compatible with all the accessories supplied with Testo 327 analysers.

The testo 320 basic flue gas analyser is equipped with two sensors – an O2 and a CO sensor (without H2 compensation). In the case of CO measurement, the measuring range goes up to 4,000 ppm. For flue gas measurement, you need a compact or modular flue gas probe. A compact flue gas probe is included in the set. A temperature probe is integrated into the probe. All relevant flue gas measurement parameters can therefore be calculated: CO2 value, efficiency and flue gas loss. The flue gas analyser can also be used for flue draught measurements or pressure measurements.

Changing probes is easy: the probes can be changed by the user. This means that you can order other probes specifically required for your flue gas analysis (e.g. multi-hole probe, dual wall clearance probe, flexible flue gas probe).

Single-hose connection: just one hand movement is needed to securely connect all channels for the flue gas measurement via the probe coupling (gas paths, draught, temperature probe integrated in the flue gas probe).

Long service life thanks to the long-life Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Built-in magnets enable the flue gas analyser to be attached to the burner/boiler quickly and easily.

Integrated condensate trap: easy to empty.


Self-explanatory menu guidance with standardized measuring procedures for quick, easy handling.
Sensors can be changed by the user.
Easy to operate thanks to single-hose connection.
TÜV-tested according to EN 50379 Part 1-3 and to 1st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV), Part 1-2.

Testo 320B Product Video

Testo 320B Specifications
Flue Gas O₂
Measuring range 0 to 21 Vol.%.
Accuracy ±0.2 Vol.%.
Resolution 0.1 Vol.%.
Reaction time t90 < 20 s.
Flue Gas Draught
Measuring range -9.99 to +40 hPa.
Accuracy ±0.02 hPa or ±5 % of mv (-0.50 to +0.60 hPa)
±0.03 hPa (+0.61 to +3.00 hPa)
±1.5 % of mv (+3.01 to +40.00 hPa).
Resolution 0.01 hPa.
Measuring range -40 to +1200 °C.
Accuracy ±0.5 °C (0 to +100.0 °C).
Resolution 0.01 hPa
±0.5 % of mv (Remaining Range).
Flue Gas Degree Of Effectivity, ETA (calculated)
Measuring range 0 to 120 %.
Resolution 0.1 %.
Flue Gas Loss (calculated)
Measuring range 0 to 99.9 %.
Resolution 0.1 %.
Flue Gas CO₂ Calculation (calculated from O₂)
Measuring range 0 to CO₂ max (Display range).
Accuracy ±0.2 Vol.%.
Resolution 0.1 Vol.%.
Reaction time t90 40 s.
Pressure Measurement
Measuring range 0 to +300 hPa.
Accuracy ±0.5 hPa (0.0 to 50.0 hPa)
±1 % of mv (50.1 to 100.0 hPa)
±1.5 % of mv (Remaining Range).
Resolution 0.1 hPa.
Flue Gas CO (without H₂-compensation)
Measuring range 0 to 4000 ppm.
Accuracy ±20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm)
±5 % of mv (401 to 2000 ppm)
±10 % of mv (2001 to 4000 ppm).
Resolution 1 ppm.
Reaction time t90 < 60 s.
Ambient CO
Measuring range 0 to 4000 ppm.
Accuracy ±20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm)
±5 % of mv (401 to 2000 ppm)
±10 % of mv (2001 to 4000 ppm).
Resolution 1 ppm.
Reaction time t90 < 60 s.
General Specifications
Operating temperature -5 to +45 °C.
Display size 240 x 320 pixels.
Display function Colour graphic display.
Power supply Battery: 3.7 V / 2,400 mAh; Mains unit: 5 V / 1 A.
Protection class IP40.
Dimensions 240 x 85 x 65 mm.
Weight 573 g.
Testo 320B warranty Instrument: 24 months; Probe: 24 months; Gas sensors: 24 months; rechargeable battery: 12 months; Thermocouple 12 months.


Testo 320B Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser.

Download (1.58M)

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Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit
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