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Fluke 1550C/Kit 5kV Insulation Tester
  • Fluke 1550C/Kit 5kV Insulation Tester
  • Fluke 1550C/Kit 5kV Insulation Tester
  • Fluke 1550C/Kit 5kV Insulation Tester
  • Fluke 1550C/Kit 5kV Insulation Tester

Fluke 1550C/Kit 5kV Insulation Tester

Fluke authorised distributor and calibration house.

Includes: Fluke 1550C, Test cables with alligator clips (red, black, green), Infrared adapter with interface cable, FlukeView® Forms Basic CD-ROM, AC power cord, Soft carrying case, English manual, User's manual on CD-ROM, Quick reference card, Software license agreement, Registration card, FlukeView® Forms installation guide, USB-IR cable installation guide, Heavy duty alligator clip leads.

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The completely redesigned Fluke 1550C provides unparalleled digital testing of insulation up to 5kV, making it the ideal choice for everything from simple spot checks to timed and breakdown testing of a wide range of electronic equipment including switchgear, motors, generators, and cables. With the Fluke 1550C insulation tester, you can now carry out tests up to 5kV as specified in IEEE 43-2000.


Test voltages to up 5kV and save time by trending on the spot only with Fluke Connect™.
CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V safety rating.
Warning function alerts the user that line voltage is present.
Selectable test voltages in 50 V steps from 250V to 1000V, and 100V steps above 1000V.
Measurements can be stored in up to 99 memory locations.
Long battery life gives the user over 750 tests between charges.
Automatic calculation of Dielectric Absorption (DAR) and Polarization Index (PI) with no additional setup.
Guard system eliminates the effect of surface leakage current on high-resistance measurements.
Large digital/analog LCD for easy viewing.
Capacitance and leakage current measurement.
Ramp function for breakdown testing.
Resistance measurements up to 2 TΩ.
Timer settings up to 99 minutes for timed tests.

Fluke 1550C Specifications
Electrical Specifications
The tester's accuracy is specified for one year after calibration at operating temperatures of 0°C to 35°C. For operating temperatures outside the range (-20°C to 0°C and 35°C to 50°C), add ± .25% per °C, except on the 20% bands add ± 1% per °C.
Insulation Resistance Measurement
Test voltage (DC)
250 V Range < 250 kΩ,
250 kΩ to 5 GΩ
5 GΩ to 50 GΩ
> 50 GΩ
Accuracy (± reading) Unspecified
500 V Range < 500 kΩ
500 kΩ to 10 GΩ
10 GΩ to 100 GΩ
> 100 GΩ
Accuracy (± reading) Unspecified
1000 V Range < 1 MΩ
1 MΩ to 20 GΩ
20 GΩ to 200 GΩ
> 200 GΩ
Accuracy (± reading) Unspecified
2500 V Range < 2.5 MΩ
2.5 MΩ to 50 GΩ
50 GΩ to 500 GΩ
> 500 GΩ
Accuracy (± reading) Unspecified
5000 V Range < 5 MΩ
5 MΩ to 100 GΩ
100 GΩ to 1 TΩ
> 1 TΩ
Accuracy (± reading) Unspecified
Bar graph range 0 to 1 TΩ (1550C) - 0 to 2 TΩ (1555).
Insulation test voltage accuracy -0%, +10% at 1 mA load current.
Induced AC mains current rejection 2 mA maximum.
Charging rate for capacitive load 5 seconds per μF.
Discharge rate for capacitive load 1.5 s/μF.
Leakage current measurement Range 1 nA to 2 mA.
Accuracy ± (5% + 2 nA).
Capacitance measurement Range 0.01 μF to 15.00 μF.
Accuracy ± (15% rdg + 0.03 μF).
Timer Range 0 to 99 minutes.
Resolution setting 1 minute.
Resolution indication 1 second.
Live circuit warning Warning range 30 V to 660 V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz.
Voltage accuracy ± (15% + 2 V).
Software specifications FlukeView Forms™ basic software requires a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 or Windows 8.
General Specifications
Display 75 x 105 mm.
Power 12 V lead-acid rechargeable battery, Yuasa NP2.8-12.
Charger Input (AC) 85 V to 250 V AC 50/60 Hz 20 VA.
This Class II (double insulated) instrument is supplied with a Class 1 (grounded) power cord. The protective earth terminal (ground pin) is not connected internally. The extra pin is for added plug retention only.
Dimensions 269 x 277 x 160 mm (10.6 x 10.9 x 6.3 in).
Weight 3.7 kg (8.2 lb).
Temperature (operating) -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F).
Temperature (storage) -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 149°F).
Humidity 80% to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% at 50°C.
Altitude 2000 m.
Enclosure sealing IP40.
Input overload protection 1000 V AC.
Electromagnetic compatibility EN 61326.
Safety compliance IEC 61010-1: Overvoltage category II, Pollution Degree 2.
IEC 61010-2-030: Measurement 600V CAT IV / 1000V CAT III
IEC 61557-1, IEC 61557-2.


Fluke 1550 -1555 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Fluke 1550C and the Fluke 1555 HV Insulation Testers.

Download (1.14M)

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Fluke 1550C/Kit 5kV Insulation Tester

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