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Testo Smart Probes Heating Set
  • Testo Smart Probes Heating Set
  • Testo Smart Probes Heating Set
  • Testo Smart Probes Heating Set
  • Testo Smart Probes Heating Set

Testo Heating Set

Testo Approved distributor and service company.

Includes: Includes: For pressure and temperature measurement on heating systems. Consists of: testo 115i, testo 510i incl. hose set (Ø 4 mm and 5 mm) with adapter, testo 805i, testo Smart Case (heating), batteries, calibration protocol.

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This compact heating set, which includes the testo 115i clamp thermometer, the testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument and the testo 805i infrared thermometer, is ideal for important measuring tasks performed by heating engineers. In conjunction with a smartphone or tablet, all heating system temperatures and pressures can be measured and checked. Users can read off their measurement values comfortably in the App installed on the end device.

In IR temperature measurement, on underfloor heating, for example, the App makes it possible to document the measurement with an image, temperature measurement value and measurement spot marker. It is also possible to change the displayed measurement parameters quickly. Application-specific menus, such as pressure drop test incl. alarms, support the heating technician in his daily work.

All measurement data are presented either as a diagram or in tabular form. The measurement data log can then be emailed directly as a PDF or Excel file. In the handy testo Smart Case, the measuring instruments can be conveniently transported and are always to hand when they are needed.

All necessary instruments for non-contact temperature measurement and the measurement of flow and return temperature, as well as gas flow pressure. With the heating set, you measure and check all temperatures and pressures in a heating system. It is ideal for important measuring tasks performed by heating engineers. Measurement data analyised and sent via testo Smart Probes App. Measurement data analysis as a table or graph.

About The Testo Smart Probes App

The App turns your smartphone/tablet into the display of up to 6 Testo Smart Probes at the same time. The operation of the measuring instruments as well as the display of the measurement values take place by Bluetooth via the Testo Smart Probes App on your smartphone or tablet – independently of the measurement location. In addition to this, you can use the App to create measurement reports, add photos and comments to these, and send them by e-mail. The Testo Smart Probes App is completely free and is available for iOS from the App Store and Android via Google Play.

Testo Heating Set Product Video

Testo Heating Set Specifications
Testo 115i Testo 510i testo 805i
Sensor type NTC Pressure Infrared
Measuring range -40 to +150 °C. -150 to 150 hPa. -30 to +250 °C.
Accuracy ±1 digit ±1.3 °C (-20 to +85 °C). ±0.05 hPa (0 to 1 hPa)
±(0.2 hPa + 1.5 % of m.v.)
(1 to 150 hPa).
±1.5 °C or ±1.5 % of reading
0 to +250 °C)
±2.0 °C (-20 to -0.1 °C)
±2.5 °C (-30 to -20.1 °C).
Resolution 0.1 °C. 0.01 hPa. 0.1 °C.
Compatability Requires iOS 8.3 or newer / Android 4.3 or newer.
Requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0.
Storage temperature -20 to +60 °C.
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C. -20 to +50 °C. -10 to +50 °C.
Battery type 3 micro batteries AAA.
Battery life 250 hrs. 150 hrs. 30 hrs.
Optics 10:1.
Laser marking Diffractive optics (laser circle).
Emissivity 0.1 to 1.0 adjustable.
Dimensions 183 x 90 x 30 mm. 148 x 36 x 23 mm. 140 x 36 x 25 mm.
Warranty 2 years.


Testo Heating Set Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Testo Smart Probes Heating Set.

Download (783.02k)

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Testo Heating Set

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