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Testo 915i Temperature Kit
  • Testo 915i Temperature Kit
  • Testo 915i Temperature Kit
  • Testo 915i Temperature Kit
  • Testo 915i Temperature Kit

Testo 915i Temperature Kit

Testo Approved distributor and service company.

Includes: Smart Probe testo 915i with plug-in immersion/penetration probe, air probe and surface probe in Smart Case, incl. batteries and calibration protocol.

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The testo 915i temperature kit with temperature probes will enable you to tackle your temperature measurements with greater speed, flexibility and ease: Included is a wireless thermometer testo 915i, an air probe, an immersion/penetration probe and a surface probe (all TC type K, class 1). The handle is compatible with all standard type K thermocouple probes – making it versatile. Thanks to Bluetooth and the testo Smart App, operation, evaluation and documentation can be carried out with exceptional ease and flexibility.

The wireless Smart Probe Testo 915i with plug-in TC probes makes temperature measurements even faster, easier and more flexible. Thanks to the innovative locking mechanism with compatibility with all Testo and other common Type K thermocouple probes, the Smart Probe can be used in the most diverse applications.

The measurement values are displayed in the cost-free testo Smart App, and temperature curves presented in a clear and graphic way. All measurement data can be reported directly in the App and then sent as PDF or CSV files. Testo 915i connects automatically by Bluetooth® to the App on the smartphone, tablet or directly with other measuring instruments from Testo.


Robust, fast-response immersion/penetration probe (TC type K, class 1), measuring range -50 to +400 °C.
Fast-response surface probe (TC type K, class 1) with sprung thermocouple strip, measuring range -50 to +350 °C.
Robust, fast-response air temperature probe (TC type K, class 1), measuring range -50 to +400 °C.
High measuring accuracy up to ±1.0 °C thanks to system calibration ex-works.
For fast, wireless temperature measurements.
Innovative locking mechanism on the handle for easy, secure attachment of plug-in Testo measuring probes.
Versatile in all temperature-relevant applications: Compatible with all Testo and standard type K thermocouple probes.
testo Smart App: Display of readings, clear graphical presentation of temperature curves, create documentation on site and send as a PDF or CSV file.
Automatic Bluetooth connection to smartphones, tablets or compatible Testo measuring instruments.
Bluetooth with a range of up to 100 m.
Handy, robust housing.

Testo 915i Temperature Kit Specifications
MODEL testo 915i
with flexible probe
testo 915i
with air probe
testo 915i
with immersion/
penetration probe
testo 915i
with surface probe
Sensor type TC Type K.
Measuring range -50 to +400 °C -50 to +400 °C -50 to +350 °C
(handle testo 915i +
±1.3 °C
(-20 to +85 °C)
±(0.1 m/s + 5% of m.v.) (0 to 2 m/s)
±(0.3 m/s + 5% of m.v.) (2 to 15 m/s)
±0.5 °C
±(0.2 m/s + 2% of m.v.)
(0.4 to 20 m/s)
±0.5 °C
Resolution 0.1°C/°F.
t90 (at 1 m/s) 3s. 60s. 3s. 3s.
Protection class IP40. IP20. IP40. IP20.
Probe length
Probe diameter
800mm. 99 mm
Ø probe shaft 4 mm.
115 mm
Ø probe shaft 5 mm
Ø probe tip 3 mm.
136 mm
Ø probe shaft 5 / 3 mm
Ø probe tip 12 mm.
Probe locking Yes (with handle testo 915i).
Weight 96g. 99g. 99g. 110g.
Common data Bluetooth® handle testo 915i
Measuring range -60 to +1000 °C.
Accuracy ±(0.5 °C + 0.3 % of measured value).
Resolution 0.1°C/°F.
Protection class IP30.
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C.
Storage temperature -20 to +60 °C.
Dimensions 129 x 31 x 31 mm.
Battery type 3 AAA microcells.
Battery life 150 h at +25 °C and measurement cycle 1 s.
Plug-in probe
Lockable connection to 4 standard probes testo 915i
Standard plug-in connection to other common TC probes.
Function indicator 3-colour LED (orange/red/green).
Compatibility requires iOS 12.0 or newer/Android 6.0 or newer
requires mobile end device with Bluetooth® 4.0.
Bluetooth® Range over 100 m
automatic connection to testo Smart App and Testo measuring instruments.
Auto-off after 10 Minuten without Bluetooth® connection.
Measurement/ connection cycle 1s.


Testo 915i Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Testo 915i Wireless Temperature Smart Probe.

Download (861.44k)

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Testo 915i Temperature Kit
Smart Case (temperature) Practical storage case for Smart Probe testo 915i and TC probe. 0516 0032

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