ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Motor Tester


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Includes: 3x Test Leads with custom heavy-duty Kelvin Clips and push-pull connectors, 1x Test Lead with 4mm safety plug and MC “Dolphin” clip, Charging adapter, Universal input type 85-260VAC, output 9VDC @ 1.7A, MCA Basic™ Software, hard case with pre-cut foam liner, User manual on CD.


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The ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND™ is used to test AC Induction, squirrel-cage rotor motors <1000V for: contamination, winding faults such as turn & coil to coil, open connections, ground faults and evaluates the condition of the rotor.

This instrument presents an exciting breakthrough in de-energised testing. Within minutes the operator can get a complete picture of the condition of a motor without having to stress-test the windings or use other more expensive or elaborate instruments, which can be difficult to operate and analyse captured data with.

The instrument can be used in two modes: Static and Dynamic. Both quickly collect data in auto mode and there is no need to operate a lot of difficult to understand buttons.

THE STATIC TEST can be performed at the control panel and takes only a few minutes per motor! It tests “the whole loop”, i.e. cable, connections and stator/rotor from the starter/motor drive. No need to disconnect drives and machinery for the phase to phase test. It reports whether a change has occurred between a prior test (the baseline) and the present test.

Use this as an initial test reference as a motor specific parameter value, and to confirm the health of an Induction motor. Subsequent test results can be immediately compared to the reference TVS™ to instantly show developing problems or changes with the stator or squirrel-cage rotor.

It measures Resistance, Inductance, Impedance, Capacitance and Phase Angle. The fault indicator is not dependent on Rotor position.

The Static test is compared to a base-line test that can be retrieved from “Reference Value Static” records in the instrument, or from the optional software. Meg-ohm-test with 500 and 1000 V reading up to 999 Mohm is standard.


The AT33 IND™ Dynamic Test analyses the results for you by showing Bad, Warning or OK for Resistance, Stator, Rotor and Contamination. It is developed for testing <1000V induction motors with squirrel cage rotor.

ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND™ Specifications
Test Frequencies 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 Hz.
Test Value Static / Reference Value Static 0.01-10000 ±1% (Dimensionless calculated value).
Stator Test Dynamic Repeatability ±1% (of measured data and calculated deviations).
Rotor Test Dynamic Repeatability ±2% (of measured data and calculated deviations).
Resistance 0.01-999 Ω measurement range
0.01-99.9 Ω ±1%, Max Resolution: 0.01 mΩ
100 Ω-500 Ω ±1.5%, displayed as whole numbers
501 Ω-999 Ω ±2.5%, displayed as whole numbers
Relative Accuracy “Phase to Phase” ± 0.1%
True 4-wire Kelvin measurement (Compensation for thermoelectric offset voltages).
Dissipation factor - DF (frame – stator) 1 – 100% measurement range (expressed as a percentage)
1 – 10% ±0.5 (C = 10 – 1000 nF)
10 – 30% ±1.0
(This specification is based on battery operation and USB not connected to PC).
Capacitance (frame – stator) 2 – 2000 nF measurement range
10 – 2000 nF ±5%
(This specification is based on battery operation and USB not connected to PC).
Insulation Resistance 0-999 MΩ @500V or 1000V
1-100 MΩ ±3%, all other values ±5%.
Keyboard Sealed tactile touch, XL size keys.
Connections 3 x Motor input/output - push-pull connectors
4-pole High Voltage
output - Ø 4mm safety jack
PC communication - USB type B connector
Charger input - 2.5mm diameter center pin DC-jack
Graphic LCD, monochrome 128 x 64 pixels (3.1”)
Viewing Area = 69 x 36.5mm, white LED backlight.
Temperature Range Storage: -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)
Operating: -10 °C to +50 °C (+14 °F to +122 °F).
Safety According to IEC 61010-1 cat.III 1000V.
Certification CE.
EMC EN61000-6-4 (Emission)
EN61000-6-2 (Susceptibility).
Batteries 2 x Li-ION cells with ≥ 2100 mAH capacity.
Material Polycarbonate, UL94-V2.
Dimensions 126 x 218 x 51 mm (5”x8.6”x2”) (W x L x H) (basic enclosure size without minor protrusions).
Weight 0.7 kg (1.55 lb.).
ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND™ warranty 1 year limited warranty; Optional 2 years available with calibration.

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ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Motor Tester