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TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Standard Kit
  • TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Standard Kit
  • TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Standard Kit
  • TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Standard Kit
  • TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Standard Kit

TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Standard Kit

TPI Approved Distributor & Service Centre

Includes: TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser, IEPE Accelerometer with Cable and Magnet, Docking Station with USB Cable, VibTrend Standard Software, Carrying Case.


Dual-Use Item: Export authorisation is required to temporarily or permanently move this item outside of the UK (Council Regulation (EC) No.428/2009).

The TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser is a simple to use vibration monitoring and analysis tool that allows easy display of vibration signals. The meter automatically performs vibration analysis functions based on machine running speed to help diagnose faults such as unbalance, misalignment and looseness.

The system is designed to enable a user to take vibration measurements from assets (e.g. pumps, motors, fans and bearings). The unit displays vibration frequency plots and allows vibration severity and bearing condition to be monitored.

The Smart Trend Meter 9080 also has an optional strobe attachment for determining machine speed and optional Bluetooth connected headphones for listening to bearing noise.


Collect data.
Trend data using VibTrend software.
Standard Cable mounted accelerometer with magnet.
Built-in Bluetooth communication capability.
USB docking station to download to a PC.
ISO built-in Alarms.
Easily identify bearing problems with BDU Reading.
Easily identify problems with built-in band filters: 1x (unbalance), 2x (misalignment), 3x (looseness).
800 line FFT (spectrum).
Listen to bearing noise with optional Bluetooth headphones.
Ruggedised IP67 case.
3-year Limited Warranty.

TPI 9080 Product Video

TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Specifications
Size 200 x 60 x 26mm.
Weight 280g (not including magnet).
IP Rating IP67 (waterproof).
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C.
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C.
Power Supply 2 x AA batteries.
Battery Life Auto power OFF - typically 20 hours continuous operating time depending on brightness setting.
Frequency Range 2Hz to 1kHz (ISO)
1kHz to 10kHz (BDU).
Max Frequency Resolution 1.25Hz @ 800 lines FFT setting.
Measurements Acceleration in g
Velocity in mm/s (or inch/s)
Bearing noise in BDU (bearing damage units)
Displacement (mm, microns, inch).
Displayed Frequency Units Hertz (Hz), RPM or CPM.
Input Range User-selectable with accelerometer sensitivity.
Dynamic Range 96dB (0.01g resolution).
VA Diagnostic Bands (RPM = Run Speed) Unbalance: 1 x RPM
Alignment: 2 x RPM
Looseness: 3 x RPM.


TPI 9080 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser.

Download (804.65k)

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TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser Standard Kit

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