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T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System
  • T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System
  • T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System
  • T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System
  • T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System

T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System

T&R approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Output lead set & carry case, mains lead, neutral link, spare fuse set, operating manual, USB flash memory key, USB keyboard.

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The T&R PT30-10 high voltage dc test set is designed to perform tests on installed cable and jointing systems. The units have a variable output voltage with a maximum of ±30kVdc, with a maximum charging capability of 10mA. A zero-volt interlock is fitted that prevents the output being switched on unless the output control is at zero.

The T&R PT30-10 includes an automatic load discharge system that discharges the cable under test when the output is switched off or a breakdown occurs. The internal dumping system can discharge a maximum of 2.5kJ on each output, corresponding to 4µF at 30kV. In the event of a test object failure, the overload circuit will automatically switch off the output voltage and earth the output via the internal discharge circuit.

A manual discharge probe is also supplied as standard with the PT30-10 unit, allowing higher load capacitances to be safely discharged. The mk2 units introduce automatic 115/230V mains voltage selection, allowing easy transition between site voltages.

The output voltage is metered by two large, linear, analogue instruments marked 0-30kV. Test object current is metered by two further analogue instruments with 0-10 scale marking. The meter reads 0-10mA directly, or 0- 1mA when the ÷10 push button is operated.


±30kVdc output voltage.
10mA output capability.
Both voltage and current metered on HV outputs.
Automatic earth system for dumping capacitive loads.
HV output plug & socket system.
Key operated supply switch to prevent unauthorised operation.
Zero-volt interlock.
Visual indication of test piece failure.
Automatic mains voltage selection.

T&R PT30-10 Mk2 Specifications
Unit Type Voltage Continuous 5 Minutes
PT30-10 0 to ±30 kV. 5 mA. 10 mA.
The above intermittent on times must be followed by an off time of 15 minutes and is based on ambient temperature of 25° C.
The positive and negative output voltages on the PT series are metered on the HV output by separate analogue instruments.
Unit Range Accuracy
PT30-10 0 to 30 kV. ±1.5% of full scale.
The output current on both of the outputs is metered by a dual range analogue instrument. The 1 mA range is selected by the 10 pushbutton adjacent to the mA meter.
Unit Range Accuracy
PT30-10 10 mA.
1 mA.
±2.5% of full scale.
1 mA ±2.5% of full scale.
Overload Protection
The PT30-10 is protected by an overload trip on the output that operates at 12mA.
Supply Requirements 115V/230 V±10% auto-selecting
50/60 Hz 1ph 750 VA max.
Protection and safety
The output of the unit is protected by an overload trip, and the input and control supplies are protected by fuses.
Storage temperature -20° C to 60° C.
Operating temperature 0°C to 45° C.
Dimensions 471 x 191 x 362 mm.
Weight 25kg unit only.
32kg including bag & leads.
T&R PT30-10 mk2 warranty 1 year.


T&R PT30-10 & 18-10 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the T&R Pt18-10 & PT30-10 mk2 high voltage dc test sets.

Download (1.75M)

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T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System
10m Leads 10m HV leads. A064-111
10m Earth 10m earth lead. A064-112
15m Leads 15m HV leads. A064-100
15m Earth 15m earth lead. A064-101
20m Leads 20m HV leads. A064-156
20m Earth 20m earth lead. A064-157
DP40 DP40 discharge probe, carry case including space for leads. 067

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