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SebaKMT EST 50 High Voltage Discharge Rod
  • SebaKMT EST 50 High Voltage Discharge Rod
  • SebaKMT EST 50 High Voltage Discharge Rod

SebaKMT EST 50 High Voltage Discharge Rod

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

For safe discharging and earthing of cables and test units.


When conducting dielectric tests in cables or fault location measurements with high DC voltages, the cable capacitance is charged and represents a dangerous amount of energy. Hence, after a measurement, the cable under test must be subject to a damped discharge and a direct, visible earthing.

In its tip with which the live conductor is touched the SebaKMT EST 50 discharge rod features a discharge resistor which limits the discharge current and ensures a damped discharge. Within a split second, most of the charge of the cable has flown off a post-charging effect is thus eliminated. The discharge rods are made of GFK (fibre-glass strengthened plastic). They are equipped with a handle and conservatively rated clearance against physical contact with high voltage.

The SebaKMT discharge rods are designed only for discharge of high voltage cables within the framework of cable tests. After use, a cooling period of 30 minutes should be allowed in order to avoid a thermal overload of the built-in discharge resistors.


Choice of 6 versions of discharge rod.
Complies with EN 50191, EN 61230 and  EN 61219.
Versions for 35 kV to 150 kV working.
Discharge resistors ensure damped discharge.

NB: The EST range of discharge rods are now manufacturered by Megger, although they may still carry the SebaKMT logo.

SebaKMT EST Specifications
Model KV Length
Max Capacity
EST 0 152 cm 1.40 kg 0 0
EST 35 35 kV 50 cm 0.95 kg 6 μF 10 kΩ
EST 50 50 kV 136 cm 1.90 kg 6 μF 100 kΩ
EST 75 80 kV 156 cm 2.20 kg 3 μF 150 kΩ
EST 100 110 kV 176 cm 2.50 kg 2 μF 200 kΩ
EST 150 150 kV 208 cm 2.85 kg. 2 μF 300 kΩ


SebaKMT EST Datasheet

PDF specifications of the SebsKMT EST High Voltage Discharge Rods.

Download (163.66k)

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SebaKMT EST 50 High Voltage Discharge Rod

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