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ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Motor Tester
  • ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Motor Tester
  • ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Motor Tester
  • ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Motor Tester

ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Software

All-Test Pro approved distributor.

Requirements: Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 - 64 Bit.

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The ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND software is an optional software package designed for use with the AT33 IND. This easy to use software allows the operator to upload saved motor tests from instrument memory to a PC for analysis, trending and reporting purposes.

Additionally, a specific motor test in software memory can be saved as a Reference (REF) test snd then downloaded back into the AT33 IND memory for comparison purposes when field testing.

The software integrates seamlessly with the AT33 IND™ to create a complete motor testing tool for extensive diagnostics. It’s ideal for service companies, in-house maintenance departments and other organisations where motor health is not something to take for granted.

Extensive, Flexible Reporting

Six report types offer comprehensive reporting, including:

Detailed test and trend reports for individual equipment.
List of equipment to be reviewed, based on previous test results.
Testing past-due, based on most recent test date.
Software available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.

The heart of AT33 IND™ Software is a database that collects and organises nameplate information and individual test results from all of your motors*. A powerful, integrated search functionality enables access to data across all companies and locations by motor voltage, horsepower/kW, RPM, etc.

Quick Indentification

At a glance, the user can quickly identify the quantity of equipment marked Bad, Warning or Testing Past Due. AT33 IND™ Software has the fields and flexibility you need to clearly identify any motor, device or customer.

Diagnostics & Trending – Built-in Diagnostic Algorithms

AT33 IND™ Software takes the guesswork out of interpreting test results. Analysis alarms for individual tests and data trending include AC motors*. All measurements can be trended for predictive maintenance.

*AT33 IND™ Software is designed to test 3 phase AC Induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor motors <1000V.

Ground FaultsInternal Winding Faults**Open ConnectionRotor FaultsContamination
Volt/Ohm Meter
*Common electrical testing instruments.
**Winding coil faults: turn-to-turn & coil-to-coil.
Operating systemWindows 7, 8.1 & 10 - 64 Bit.
InstalledJava Runtime Environment 7 or later.
Computer memoryRecommend 2GB or larger.
Screen15-inch on laptop or 17-inch on PC.
Minimum screen resolution1280 x 800.
PrinterColour printer is recommended, but not required for reports.
CommunicationUSB port.


ALL-Test Pro 33 IND

PDF Specifications of the ALL-Test Pro 33 IND Software.

Download (1.07M)

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ALL-TEST Pro 33 IND Software

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