Drummond G Clamp

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The G Clamps clamp-on facility eliminates the need to drill the bus bar.

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The DRUMMOND G Clamp is a moulded insulated clamp-on connector designed to provide a direct connection to a rigid rectangular bus bar. A 4mm shrouded socket is provided in the fluted head of the moulded screw.

The insulated materials reduce the risk to the installer. To counter the effects of vibration, a spring-loaded contact pin ensures consistent electrical contact force that is independent of the clamp screw installed torque and a locking ring nut secures the clamp screw against loosening.

Available in Brown, Black, Grey and Blue.

  • Maximum working voltage: 600V AC.
  • Maximum working current: 10A.
  • Suitable for rectangular bus bar ONLY. Not suitable for round conductor.
  • Length behind bus bar: 12mm.
  • Length in front of bus bar: 61mm (+ 35mm as minimum allowance for 4mm plug).
  • Height above top of bus bar: 14mm.
  • Width: 50mm for locking ring nut.
  • Minimum BusBar width: 20mm.
  • Minimum Busbar thickness: 4mm.
  • Maximum Busbar thickness: 26mm.
  • IP rating: IP40.

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Drummond G Clamp