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Megger DH1-C Connect Duplex Handspike 3M
  • Megger DH1-C Connect Duplex Handspike 3M

Megger DH1-C Connect Duplex Handspike 3M

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Duplex connect test lead system for use with the Megger BT51.

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megger duplex connect test leads

The Megger DLRO duplex connect four terminal test lead system is designed to provide the most cost effective and convenient way to provide the user with all off the test lead terminations and lead lengths required for the many different applications encountered in low resistance testing.

At the centre of this unique test lead system is a bespoke connector allowing terminations such as kelvin clips or duplex test probes to be changed as required. There are two connector versions, one being fitted with indicator LEDs that operate with the DLRO10 range of instruments.

These duplex test leads are fitted with hook terminations for connecting to an instrument and a connector plug equipped with ultra-bright LED indicator lights viewable from any direction. The duplex connector incorporates a locking ring to prevent test connections being pulled off in use.

DH1-C: 3M Duplex Handspike lead set, with connect (x2)

Consists of the following:

DTP1-C Duplex Twist Probe 2 off.
TL3-C-BT51 3m lead connect 2 off.
Total leadset loop resistance 80m ohm.

Will fit:

BT51 120V.


Megger DLRO Test Leads

PDF Datasheet of the Megger DLRO test leads fitted with Duplex Connectors.

Download (1.41M)

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Megger DH1-C Connect Duplex Handspike 3M

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