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Chauvin Dataview Data Analysis & Reporting Software
  • Chauvin Dataview Data Analysis & Reporting Software
  • Chauvin Dataview Data Analysis & Reporting Software

Chauvin Dataview Data Analysis & Reporting Software

Chauvin Arnoux authorised distributor and calibration house.

The DataView software is an essential tool for configuring and performing measurements, viewing data in real time, recovering recorded data and creating measurement reports.

£474 Inc. VAT

Chauvin Arnoux's DataView software lets you acquire and analyse data from a wide variety of Chauvin Arnoux/AEMC instruments. DataView also allows you to configure the instrument from the PC, though a dedicated Control Panel interface. Each family of instruments has its own Control Panel. Each DataView Control Panel comes with its own online Help specific to its commands and feature.

Dataview automatically recognises the instrument when it is hooked up to the PC and opens the corresponding menu. This menu, shown as a tree structure, gives users direct access to the data recorded in the instrument, its configuration, etc.

Dataview includes numerous predefined report templates for quick report generation in accordance with the applicable standards. Users can create their own templates as required.


Configuration of instruments connected to a PC or via Bluetooth.
Recovery of the measurement data stored in the instrument.
Backup of measurement files.
Opening of backup files.
Processing and creation of reports.
Export into Excel spreadsheets.
Export in .pdf format.
Database management.


QualiStar C.A 8331, C.A 8333, C.A 8336 and C.A 8435 power analysers.
C.A 8220 and C.A 8230 power controllers.
PEL102 and PEL103 power and energy loggers.
C.A 6470N, C.A 6471 and C.A 6472 earth testers.
C.A 6543, C.A 6547, C.A 6549, C.A 6550 and C.A 6555 insulation testers.
F407 and F607 multimeter clamps.
All the SIMPLE LOGGER 2 models.
C.A 6417 earth clamps.
C.A 6116N C.A 6117 multi-function installation testers.
DTR8510 ratiometer.

This tool also offers a large number of additional functions for greater user comfort or for more detailed analysis: a zoom on the graphs to analyse certain parts more closely, display of various recorded parameters on request, export of stored data into Excel, linking and integration of objects (OLE), etc.

DataView is specified for:

Windows** 10
Win 7  
Win 8/8.1.

*You must have Administrator rights on the PC to install DataView.
**Windows® is a registered trade mark of Microsoft® Corporation.

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Chauvin Dataview Data Analysis & Reporting Software

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