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Chauvin Earth and Resistivity Kit 100m
  • Chauvin Earth and Resistivity Kit 100m

Chauvin Earth and Resistivity Kit 100m

chauvin arnoux authorised distributor.

High-quality accessories for your earth resistance and/or ground resistivity measurements.

£504 Inc. VAT

Chauvin Arnoux earth and resistivity kits are used for earth and ground resistivity measurements. For the resistivity measurement, even though several calculation methods exist, 4 rods are always necessary.

The colours of the cables are identical to the colours of the connecting terminals of all Chauvin instruments. Their lengths are perfectly matched to the applications for which the kits are intended. The kits are also compatible with all of their instruments, no matter which types of connectors they use, thanks to the 4 mm Ø. banana jack/fork plug adapters provided.

Each kit comprises a large carrying bag multi compartments containing:

1 coil of red cable (100 m)
1 coil of blue cable (100 m)
1 coil of black cable: 30 m.
1 coil of green cable: 100 m.
1 flat spool of cable green: 10 m.
4 T-shaped rods.
1 hammer.
4 mm Ø banana jack/fork plug adapters (x5).
Prestige case.

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Chauvin Earth and Resistivity Kit 100m

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