Sofamel SGM-10 T10 Insulated Composite Gloves


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Sofamel SGM-10 dielectric composite gloves and arc flash.

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The Sofamel SGM-10 T10 dielectric composite gloves allow working in total safety without leather overgloves. Innovation in the used raw material gives the gloves suppleness despite the required thickness to protect against the mechanical hazards. Furthermore, the composition of the outer coated provides gloves with an exceptional grip even in wet conditions. Accordes to EN 60903 and IEC 60903 Standards.

Meaning of letters in ‘Categories’: A: Acid / Z: Ozone / H: Oil / C: Very low temperature / R: A+Z+H resistance. Also available in size 9. Please state size required when ordering.

  • Size: 10.
  • Class: 1.
  • Length: 410mm.
  • Categories: R, C.
  • Working Voltage: 7500V AC.
  • Proof Test Voltage max: 10000A AC.
  • Withstand Voltage max: 20000V AC.
  • Outside Finishing: Grip on palm and fingers.
  • Inside Finishing: Chlorinated.
  • Average tensile strength: 16 MPa.
  • Average elongation at break: 600%.
  • Tension set: 15%.
  • Resistance to cutting: > 2.5 (equivalent to level 2 according to EN 388)
  • Resistance to abrasion: 0.05 mg/t.
  • Tearing resistance to: > 25 N (equivalent to level 2 according to EN 388).
  • Resistamce to penetration: > 60 N (equivalent to level 2 according to EN 388).
  • Resistance to low temperature: conditioning of gloves for 1 hour at -25 (3°C).
  • Flame-retardant test: Application of a flame for 10 seconds at a finger tip.

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Sofamel SGM-10 T10 Insulated Composite Gloves