Druck IDT622 Dirt Moisture Trap 100 bar

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The Druck IO620-IDT622 effectively removes solid and liquid contaminants from the pressure media which can transfer from the device under test when venting pressure and generating vacuum.

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The IDT622 prevents contamination and cross contamination from one device under test to another. The trap connects directly to the pressure port and replicates the quick fit connection for compatibility with standard adaptors, adaptor kits and hoses.

The Druck IDT622 is rated for a maximum working pressure of 100 bar / 1500 psi and is intended for use with pneumatic pressure media compatible with stainless steel, anodized aluminium and nitrile. Due to the high pressure rating the body is not transparent, but construction is the same as IO620-IDT621 and is easy to clean.


It should be removed from the calibrator during transit.
It should be inspected internally for dirt or moisture before and after use.
Orientation: Use only in the vertical position.

Pressure connections:

Lower: To DPI 612 pFlexPro test port.
Upper: AMC quick-connect (for use with all DPI612 adaptor sets).


1. Check for moisture or dirt particles within the aluminium chamber before and after use.
2. Fit the Dirt Trap to the Test Station of the DPI 612 pFlexPro pressure calibrator. Hand-tight only – no spanners / wrenches are required.
3. Fit AMC adaptor to suit item under test. ( hand-tight only).

IDT622 Specification:

  • Maximum working pressure: 100bar / 1500psi pneumatic.
  • Materials of Construction: 316L and 303 Stainless steels, 6082 Aluminium, Nitrile seals, P.T.F.E.

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Druck IDT622 Dirt Moisture Trap 100 bar