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Calibration Of Metrel Test Equipment

Calibrate T&R test equipmentAlphatek Metrel is a recognised supplier in the measurement and testing industry through the design and manufacture of advanced and innovative test and measurement solutions. Cuthbertson Laird can offer competive prices and turnaround on Metrel test equipment

Metrel has more than 50 years experience of designing and manufacturing instruments and test equipment. Contact your nearest CLG office for calibration prices and turn-around.


Make & model yes Make & model yes
Metrel MI 3000 calibration Yes Metrel MI 3100 calibration Yes
Metrel MI 3200 calibration Yes Metrel MI 2087 calibration Yes
Metrel MI 3101 calibration Yes Metrel MI 2086 calibration Yes
Metrel MI 2140 calibration Yes Metrel MI 2141 calibration Yes
Metrel MI 2142 calibration Yes Metrel MI 2122 calibartion Yes
Metrel Eurotest Easi calibration Yes Metrel EasiPlus calibration Yes
Metrel Eurotest AT calibration Yes Metrel Eurotest XE calibration Yes
Metrel Instaltest 61557 calibration Yes Metrel Eurotest 61557 calibration Yes
Metrel Omega Pat calibration Yes Metrel Beta Pat calibration Yes
Metrel Alpha Pat calibration Yes Metrel MI 2120 calibration Yes
Metrel MI 2121 calibration Yes Metrel MI 2122 calibration Yes
Metrel MI 2123 calibration Yes Metrel MI 2124 calibration Yes
Metrel MI 2125 calibration Yes Metrel Smartec calibration Yes
Metrel Loop Tester calibration Yes Metrel Loop/rcd calibration Yes
Metrel MFT calibration Yes Metrel Pat Tester calibration Yes
Metrel Installation calibration Yes Metrel MI 2292 calibration Yes
Metrel PQ Meter calibration Yes Metrel MI 2392 calibration Yes
Metrel Multimeter calibration Yes Metrel 17th Edition Tester calibration Yes
Metrel Clampmeter calibration Yes Metrel Power Analyser calibration Yes
Metrel Tester calibration Yes Metrel Meter calibration Yes




Why Calibrate Metrel Test Equipment?

Regular traceable calibration is a method for gaining quantifiable confidence in a measurement system. To maintain that performance until the next calibration it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the instrument is not mishandled, subjected to environmental extremes, and to select an appropriate calibration interval. More information can be found in the Calibration in Hamilton, Calibration in Leeds and Calibration in Belfast pages of this website.