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Calibration Of GE Druck Pressure Equipment

Have your GE Druck pressure equipment calibrated by Cuthbertson Laird GroupDruck portable pressure, temperature and electrical calibrators set new standards worldwide. Available in standard or IS formats they are compact, rugged, ergonomically designed and offer advanced yet practical features that simplify precision calibration in the field.

Cuthbertson Laird Group are approved distributors for GE Sensing and a Gold Channel Partner. We also repair and calibrate the range of Druck pressure products using manufacturer approved spare parts.


Make & model yes Make & model yes
Druck DPI620 calibration Yes Druck DPI620 IS calibration Yes
Druck DPI611 calibration Yes Druck DPI615PC calibration Yes
Druck DPI610PC calibration Yes Druck DPI603 calibration Yes
Druck DPI705 calibration Yes Druck DPI705 IS calibration Yes
Druck UPSii calibration Yes Druck UPSlll calibration Yes
Druck DPI800 calibration Yes Druck DPI802 calibration Yes
Druck DPI811 calibration Yes Druck DPI812 calibration Yes
Druck DPI821 calibration Yes Druck DPI822 calibration Yes
Druck DPI842 calibration Yes Druck TRX ll calibration Yes
Druck DBC calibration Yes Dry Block Calibrator calibration Yes
Druck MCX ll calibration Yes Druck DPI104 calibration Yes
Druck DPI104 IS calibration Yes Druck DPI615HC/IS calibration Yes
Druck DPI615HC calibration Yes Druck DPI615/I/IS calibration Yes
Druck DPI615/PC/IS calibration Yes Druck AMC calibration Yes
Pressure Indicator calibration Yes Druck Genii calibration Yes
Advanced Modular Calibrator calibration Yes Manometer calibration Yes
Pressure Gauge calibration Yes Druck Indicator calibration Yes
Pressure Source calibration Yes UPS calibration Yes
GE Sensing calibration Yes Druck DryTC650 calibration Yes
Druck DryTC165 calibration Yes Druck Dry Block calibration Yes
Pressure Module calibration Yes  calibration Yes
 calibration Yes  calibration Yes




Why Calibrate Druck Pressure Equipment?

Regular traceable calibration is a method for gaining quantifiable confidence in a measurement system. To maintain that performance until the next calibration it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the instrument is not mishandled, subjected to environmental extremes, and to select an appropriate calibration interval. More information can be found in the Calibration in Hamilton, Calibration in Leeds and Calibration in Belfast pages of this website.