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Megger Launches New Generation Of MFTs

November 15, 2022 0 Comments
Megger Launches New Generation Of MFTs

The ground-breaking new Megger MFT-X1 multifunction installation tester saves time, and delivers fast, accurate, dependable results. It covers all test requirements for low-voltage installations, including EV charge points

This tester, with a host of new features, compliments the existing Megger MFT1700 range of multifunction testers. The MFT-X1 will be available early 2023 at a list price of £2290.

Designed and built in Dover, UK, the MFT-X1 is rated to CATIV 300 V, and is designed for use on all single or 3-phase domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations.


True Loop™

The latest 3-wire non-trip loop testing technology, incorporated with the patented Confidence Meter™, offers an unmatched, reliable, accurate, stable and repeatable loop test solution to the user.

megger mft-x1 loop testing

Patented Confidence Meter™ Technology

All loop impedance ranges are now supported by the Megger patented Confidence Meter™ technology, reducing typical test times for non-trip loop testing to around 7 seconds on quiet circuits, and providing optimised test times for loop impedance testing in difficult noisy supplies.

CertSuite™ Compatibility

The MFT-X1 is the first fully integrated instrument for use on the CertSuite™ software platform.

High Resolution Loop Impedance Testing

The MFT-X1 now includes a high resolution, high current, 2-wire loop impedance test that, with the integration of the Confidence Meter™, provides accurate measurements down to 0.001Ω resolution, with PFC/ PSCC current calculation up to 50 kA.

EV Charge Point Testing

Suitable for both EV charger installation testing with either RCD Type B or RDC protected charge points.

Stabilised Insulation Test Voltage

For the first time in any multifunction tester, the MFT-X1 incorporates a stabilised insulation test voltage, ensuring output voltage is accurate to within +2% +2 digits. This compares to the industry standard of +20%.

Current Measurement

The MFT-X1 uses current clamps for current measurement using the optional Megger MCC1010 current clamp for measurement of AC currents from 1 mA to 1000 A.

Operating System Upgrades

A user upgradable operating system - using a standard microSD card - helps future-proofing the MFT-X1 against changing regulations or testing requirements.

Display And User Interface

The user interface utilises the flexibility of the high contrast 480 x 272 colour, TFT bonded display, with a monochrome black on white mode designed specifically for use in difficult lighting conditions.

Always On With Modula Battery Technology

The Megger MFT-X1 can be used with either the Megger Li-ION battery pack, or the AA NiMH or Alkaline battery technologies*. The unique battery pack solution enables the rechargeable 4 Ahr Li-ION pack to be swapped with the AA carrier module, providing the most flexible and fastest battery change solution in the industry. A smart fuel tank chip technology optimises battery status accuracy on the Li-ION pack.
* Available after launch

megger mft-x1 installation tester

Graphical Assistance

The instrument has context help to provide graphical circuit connection guidance for each of the measurements.

The Megger MFT-X1 ships with the following accessories:

Switched test probe SP5, Red test lead, probes, clips and grabbers, Blue test lead, probe, clips and grabbers, Green test lead, probe, clips and grabbers, Li-ION battery 4400 mAh, Li-ION battery charge, SIA10 MAINS socket interface adaptor UK, Neck strap, Multipurpose hard base carry case, Quick start guide, Calibration certificate.

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