Martindale VIPD138 Voltage and Proving Kit

Martindale Electric

The Martindale VIPD Kit includes the PD440 Proving device and the updated VI13800 Voltage Indicator packed within the TC57 Carry Case.

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The Martindale VIPD138 contains the VI-13800 voltage indicator and the PD440 proving device, enabling you to comply with health and safety recommendations for safe working.

The PD440 is a battery powered portable proving unit which can be used with a range of indicators with 230V and 415/440V AC or DC detection ranges.

  • Unfused kit to comply with with BS EN61243-3 2010.
  • 50V - 600V AC/DC.
  • Polarity & Voltage indication from 12V.
  • Heavy duty double insulated leads.
  • Bright LED indication.
  • GS38 compliant.
  • 440V AC proving device.

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Martindale VIPD138 Voltage and Proving Kit