Time 1051 Resistance Decade Box

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The Time 1051 is a precision low ohm resistance box designed for general laboratory work including platinum resistance thermometry.

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The Time Electronics 1051 is compact and durable, housed in a robust metal case with removable protective rubber cover, making it ideal for use in either the laboratory or field. Excellent accuracy is achieved by using high stability metal film resistors. The 8-digit thumbwheel switch enables simple and precise setting with a clear indication of the resistance value.

It is imperative that the switch setting should be unambiguous in order to avoid misreading the set value. To prevent misreading, the 1051 incorporates a unique colour coding system to divide the setting into 3 groups corresponding to milliohms, ohms and kilo-ohms.

Resistance is simulated by dialing the value required using the thumbwheel switches. This enables precise setting with a clear unambiguous indication. Connection to the box is via 4 mm banana plugs. Two connections red and black connect to the resistance and the green terminal connects to the case for screening purposes.


0.01Ω to 1MΩ.
High accuracy & stability.
Clear visual indication.
High stability.
Safety terminals.
Low temperature coefficient.
Suitable for PRT/RTD.
Supplied with protective cover.

Time 1051 Specifications:

  • Zero Residual Resistance: less than 90 mΩ.
  • Residual Resistance Stability: less than 3 mΩ.
  • Maximum Voltage: 250V DC.
  • Power Rating: 1 watt per resistor.
  • Temperature Coefficient: 50 ppm / º C.
  • Connections: 4 mm terminals.
  • Country of Origin: UK.
  • Dimensions: (W) 215 x (H) 100 x (D) 120mm, including protective cover.
  • Weight: 1kg including protective cover (0.6kg without).
  • Time 1051 warranty: 1 year.


Includes: Time 1051, protective cover (fitted) and user manual.

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Time 1051 Resistance Decade Box