Time 1040 Wide Range Resistance Decade Box

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A precision wide range resistance decade box designed to meet the requirements of both industry and education.

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The Time 1040 is compact and durable, housed in a robust metal case with removable protective rubber cover, making it ideal for use in either the laboratory or field. Excellent accuracy (mid-scale 0.1%) is achieved by using high stability metal film resistors. The 8-digit thumbwheel switch enables simple and precise setting with a clear indication of the resistance value.

Resistance is simulated by dialling the value required using the thumbwheel switches. This enables precise setting with a clear unambiguous indication.  For example — to simulate 3k83 set the 1k bank to 3, the 100Ω bank to 8 and the 10Ω bank to 3, all the other dials set to zero.

Special attention has been given to the problem of reliability of operation.  A special multiple gold contact switch arrangement ensures that a back-up contact is always available to take
over should a failure occur.


1Ω to 100MΩ.
High accuracy.
Clear visual indication.
High stability.
Safety terminals.
Low temperature coefficient.
Supplied with protective cover.

Time 1040 Specifications:

  • Zero Residual Resistance: less than 250 mΩ.
  • Power Rating: 1 watt per resistor. Metal film resistors are used through out.
  • Maximum Working Voltage: 250 volts DC/AC RMS.
  • Maximum Current: 0.5 amp DC, 0.36 amp AC (RMS).
  • Temperature Coefficient: 50 ppm per ºC.
  • Connections: 4 mm terminals.
  • Construction: The case is of robust metal construction finished in two-tone blue and black.
  • Country of Origin: UK.
  • Dimensions: (W) 215 x (H) 100 x (D) 120mm, including protective cover.
  • Weight: 1kg including protective cover (0.6kg without).
  • Time 1040 warranty: 1 year.


Includes: Time 1040 resistance decade box, protective cover (fitted) and user manual.

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Time 1040 Wide Range Resistance Decade Box