Testo 875-1i Thermal Imaging Camera


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The Testo 875-1i offers better thermal sensitivity, an inbuilt digital camera, extended temperature range and laser pointer.

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Ideally equipped for industrial and building thermography: The Testo 875-1i thermal imager means even the smallest temperature differences can be seen with a thermal sensitivity of < 50 mK. You can create real images with the built-in digital camera and assign these to the thermal images.

You can carry out completely non-destructive tests on materials and components in industrial thermography with the Testo 875-1i. This allows you to reveal problems in industrial maintenance and production monitoring before a malfunction occurs or fire risks develop. And for good measure, you can create a real image in parallel to the thermal image thanks to the built-in digital camera. This makes documentation and assignment easier for you.


Checking as part of electrical maintenance.
Checking as part of mechanical maintenance.
Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality.
Locating leaks in flat roofs.
Easy monitoring of heating and installation systems.
Carrying out energy consultation.


Built-in digital camera: Recording real images in parallel to each thermal image makes documentation and assignment easier.
Resolution and image quality: Detector size 160 × 120 pixels = 19 200 temperature measuring points.
Thermal sensitivity < 50 mK: Thanks to a temperature resolution of < 50 mK, even the smallest temperature differences can be seen.
High-quality 32° × 23° lens: The lens with its manual focusing enables a wide field of view and an ideal overview of the temperature distribution.
Manual Fine Focus with a minimum focus distance of just 10cm.
Automatic hot/cold spot detection: Critical temperature conditions are directly displayed during thermography.
Solar mode: The solar radiation value can be input into the thermal imager and stored with each thermal image
Pro software for image evaluation on the PC included. You can also choose to save the thermal images as JPEGs. Find out more about the software
Measuring range: -30 to +350 °C.

Testo 875-1i Specifications:

  • Field of vision/min. focusing distance: Standard lens: 32° x 23°/0.1 m (0.33 ft).
  • Thermal sensitivity (NETD): <50 mK at 30 °C (86 °F).
  • Geometric resolution: Standard lens: 3.3 mrad.
  • Refresh rate: 33 Hz within EU and countries approved for export, else 9 Hz.
  • Focus: Manual.
  • Detector type: FPA 160 x 120 pixels, a.Si.
  • Built-in digital camera.
  • Display options: Infrared image/real image/infrared and real image.
  • Removable memory: SD card.
  • Memory capacity: Scope of delivery: 2 GB (approx. 1000 images).
  • Battery type : Fast-charging, Li-ion battery can be changed on-site.
  • Operating time: approx. 4 hr at 20 - 30 °C (68 - 86 °F).
  • Enclosure rating of the housing: IP54 (Interface terminals closed, battery connected, lens mounted, softcase mounted).
  • Dimensions: 152 x 108 x 262 mm (5.98 x 4.17 x 10.31").
  • Weight: 900 g (including battery).
  • Testo 875-1i warranty: 2 years.


Includes: Testo 875-1i, Robust case, Pro software for image evaluation on the PC, Soft case, Carrying strap for the thermal imager, SD memory card, USB cable for data transfer to PC, Lens cleaning cloth, Mains unit, Li-ion battery, Adapter for tripod mounting.


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Testo 875-1i Thermal Imaging Camera