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ETI MicroCal 1 Thermocouple Calibrator
  • ETI MicroCal 1 Thermocouple Calibrator
  • ETI MicroCal 1 Thermocouple Calibrator

ETI MicroCal 1 Thermocouple Calibrator

ETI Approved distributor

Includes: One metre PVC type K thermocouple lead with miniature connectors and a five point (type K) UKAS Certificate of Calibration which indicates deviations from standards at the various points.

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The ETI MicroCal 1 thermocouple simulator helps ensure that the frequent checking of thermometer accuracies is a routine operation. The calibrator is designed to simulate a chosen temperature to test thermocouple type K, J, T, R, N, S and E thermometers without the need for specialised equipment or conversion tables. The MicroCal 1 Plus calibrator also measures and simulates temperature.

The display has two sections. The main section is a 4½-digit temperature display located in the lower half of the viewing area, where input or output values are displayed. The other section is a 12-digit alpha/numeric dot matrix text line, located at the top of the viewing area, above the temperature display.

AMBIENT MEASUREMENT FACILITY - This facility allows the internal CJC temperature of the unit to be measured. This allows the user to determine if the unit has sufficiently acclimatised. Acclimatisation is crucial for accurate simulation output/measurement.


12 preset adjustable temperatures
Individually °C/°F selectable
Selectable thermocouple type K, T, J, R, S, N and E.
CJC selectable on/off
Selectable display contrast adjustment
Low battery indication.

ETI MicroCal 1 Specifications
Range Varies depending on thermocouple used
Type K Thermocouple: -200 to 1372°C
Type J Thermocouple: -200 to 1200°C
Type T Thermocouple: -270 to 400°C
Type R Thermocouple: 0 to 1768°C
Type N Thermocouple: -200 to 1300°C
Type S Thermocouple: 0 to 1768°C
Type E Thermocouple: -140 to 1000°C
Temperature Points 12 adjustable presets.
Accuracy ±0.3°C.
Battery 2 x 1.5V AAA.
Battery Life 300 hours.
Display Custom LCD.
Dimensions 35 x 72 x 141mm.
Weight 220g.

Factory Preset Temperature Values
T/C Type K, J, N & E T R & S
1 -20.0 -50 400.0
2 -10.0 -30 500.0
3 0.0 -20 600.0
4 10.0 -10 700.0
5 30.0 0.0 800.0
6 50.0 10.0 900.0
7 100.0 30.0 1000.0
8 195.0 50.0 1100.0
9 250.0 80.0 1200.0
10 500.0 100.0 1300.0
11 800.0 200.0 1400.0
12 1000.0 400.0 1500.0


ETI MicroCal 1 Instructions

PDF Instructions of the ETI MicroCal 1 Thermocouple Temperature Simulator.

Download (274.09k)

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ETI MicroCal 1 Thermocouple Calibrator
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