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Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Mains Socket Tester
  • Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Mains Socket Tester
  • Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Mains Socket Tester

Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Mains Socket Tester

Kewtech Approved distributor.

230V 13 amp BS 1363 Socket Tester with self-check and patented ‘Fault Locate’ plus Earth check plus polarity check plus RCD check.

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The most advanced socket tester available, for front line personnel. Includes a standard socket test (checks the wiring configuration at the socket), a loop test (the standard socket test checks the presence of the earth connection, this checks the quality), a mains polarity (check on the correct polarity coming into the building) and last but not least a 30mA RCD check.

The Loopcheck 106 and 107 are unique in that they are the only socket testers that carry out a loop test at mains frequency to check the actual condition of the wiring. Particular emphasis is placed on detecting very dangerous wiring conditions such as reversed live earth connections, disconnected wires and high earth values.

Three green LEDs and a continuous tone indicate that the socket is correctly wired. Earth, live and neutral are all in the correct position. Any other indication, such as open circuit or swapped connections, is shown by an orange or red LED accompanied by a warble tone. The socket is incorrectly wired and all further tests are inhibited.


Checks correct socket outlet wiring.
Checks the quality of the earthing that is essential for safe installations.
Checks for the polarity of the mains supply.
Checks RCDs with measured current.
Bright LEDs.
Easy to use - anything other than green needs checking out!
Bright, durable LEDs out-perform fragile, low visibility neons.
Patented ‘Fault Locate’ shows actual position of Pin – Live, Neutral or Earth.
Unique new Earth Loop Test.
Tough, smooth-contoured construction.
Audible signal gives additional information.
Microprocessor control with built-in self check.

Kewtech LoopCheck107 Specifications
Rating 230 V.
Input Current <18 mA (L-E <7mA).
Frequency 50 Hz.
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C.
Humidity 95% non-condensing.
Weight 82g.

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Kewtech LOOPCHECK107 Mains Socket Tester

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