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Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Mains Wiring Tester

Kewtech Approved distributor.

The Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Socket Tester is an ideal accessory for any PAT Tester.

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The Kewcheck 103 Check Plug uses high definition LEDs and a clear audible tone to give indication of the wiring condition of electrical wall sockets. This unit is intended for first line fault finding only. A three line conductor system can provide up to 34 fault permutations. The general rule is unless three green LEDs are lit, there’s a problem - check the wiring!

Audible fuse finding:

1. Plug Kewcheck into socket on circuit to be tested.
2. Ensure that you can clearly hear the continuous tone when at the distribution board.
3. Pull and refit the fuses one at a time to identify which stops the tone.

If out of earshot get someone to dial your mobile from a nearby phone.


Clear bright LEDs.
Continuous audible tone gives good wiring indication.
Strong warbling tone gives clear warning of faulty wiring.
Advanced electronics gives clear indication even on noisy circuits.
Detects 14 wiring conditions.

Kewtech KewCheck 103 Specifications
Socket Classification To BS1363.
Max Current Draw 11mA.
Boxed Weight 110g.
Boxed Dimensions 130(W) x 233(H) x 60(D) mm.
KewCheck 103 warranty 2 year unconditional guarantee.


Kewtech KewCheck 103 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Kewtech KewCheck 103 Socket Tester.

Download (306.96k)

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Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Mains Wiring Tester

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