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Fluke 5615-12-X Secondary Reference PTR
  • Fluke 5615-12-X Secondary Reference PTR
  • Fluke 5615-12-X Secondary Reference PTR

Fluke 5615-12-X Secondary Reference PTR

Fluke authorised distributor and calibration house.

The Fluke 5615 may also be used as temperature standards for calibration of industrial sensors. The PRT is used with a readout device to detect temperature changes or actual temperature.

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The Fluke 5615-12 is a Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) with an Inconel™ 600 sheath that’s 305 mm (12 in) long and 6.35 mm (0.250 in) in diameter. It is a secondary reference temperature standard designed to bridge the gap between the highest laboratory standards and industrial or second-tier lab locations. It has accuracy of ± 0.012 °C at 0.01 °C.

This probe comes calibrated with ITS-90 coefficients, making it compatible with many excellent readout devices, including Fluke Calibration’s 1529 Chub-E4, 1560 Black Stack, and 1502A Tweener. It bridges the gap between a 100-ohm industrial RTD and an SPRT.

The element is constructed of reference-grade platinum wire (99.999 % pure) for excellent stability. The wire is wound in a coil and placed in a mandrel where it’s uniformly supported in a manner that virtually eliminates hysteresis. The electrical configuration is a four-wire current-potential hookup that eliminate the effects of lead-wire resistance.

Please Note: When ordering please specify the termination you require. ie. Fluke 5615-12-G (gold pins).

X = termination.

Specify “A" (INFO-CON for 914X), “B" (bare wire), “D" (5-pin DIN for Tweener Thermometers), “G" (gold pins), “I" (INFO-CON for 1521 or 1522), “J" (banana plugs), “L" (mini spade lugs), “M" (mini banana plugs), “P" (INFO-CON for 1523 or 1524), or “S" (spade lugs).


Secondary Standard PRT, 6.35 mm x 305 mm (0.250 x 12.0 in), –200 °C to 420 °C, lead wire (cable) 6 ft.
Affordable wide-range accuracy.
Calibrated accuracy ± 0.012 °C at 0 °C.
Reference-grade platinum sensing element.
NVLAP-accredited calibration included, lab code 200706-0.

Fluke 5615 Specifications
Temperature range 5615-12 and 5615-9: –200 °C to 420 °C
5615-6: –200 °C to 300 °C.
Nominal resistance at 0 °C 100 Ω ± 0.10 Ω.
Temperature coefficient 0.0039250 Ω/Ω/°C.
Accuracy[1] ± 0.024 °C at –200 °C
± 0.012 °C at 0 °C
± 0.035 °C at 420 °CC.
Short-term repeatability[2] ± 0.009 °C at 0.010 °C.
Drift[3] ± 0.007 °C at 0.010 °C.
Sensor length 28 mm (1.1 in).
Sensor location 6.9 mm ± 3.3 mm from tip (0.27 in ± 0.13 in).
Sheath dimensions 5615-6: 152 mm x 4.76 mm (6.0 in x 0.188 in)
5615-9: 229 mm x 4.76 mm (9.0 in x 0.188 in)
5615-12: 305 mm x 6.35 mm (12.0 in x 0.250 in).
Sheath diameter tolerance ± 0.127 mm (± 0.005 in).
Sheath material Inconel™ 600.
Minimum insulation resistance 1000 MΩ at 23 °C.
Transition junction temperature range[4] –50 °C to 200 °C.
Transition junction dimensions 71 mm x 13 mm dia (2.8 in x 0.5 in).
Maximum immersion length 5615-6: 102 mm (4 in)
5615-9: 178 mm (7 in)
5615-12: 254 mm (10 in).
Response time[5] 9 seconds typical.
Self heating (in 0 °C bath) 50 mW/°C.
Lead-wire cable type PTFE insulated with PTFE jacket, 22 AWG.
Lead-wire length 183 cm (72 in or 6 ft).
Lead-wire temperature range –50 °C to 200 °C.
Calibration NVLAP-accredited calibration included, lab code 200706-0. Please see calibration uncertainty table and its explanation of changeable uncertainties.
[1] Includes calibration and 100 hr drift (k=2) [2] Three thermal cycles from min to max temp, includes hysteresis, 95 % confidence (k=2) [3] After 100 hrs at max temp, 95 % confidence (k=2) [4] Temperatures outside this range will cause irreparable damage. For best performance, transition junction should not be too hot to touch. [5] Per ASTM E 644.
NVLAP† Calibration Uncertainty
Temperature Expanded Uncertainty (k=2).
–196 °C 0.024 °C.
–38 °C 0.011 °C.
0 °C 0.010 °C.
200 °C 0.018 °C.
420 °C 0.029 °C.
Note: Calibration uncertainties depend on the uncertainties of the lab performing the calibration. Subsequent calibrations of this probe performed with different processes, at different facilities, or with changed uncertainty statements may state different uncertainties. †Lab code 200706-0 ‡5615-6 excluded.


Fluke 5615 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Fluke 5615 Secondary Reference Temperature Standards.

Download (568.75k)

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Fluke 5615-12-X Secondary Reference PTR
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