Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Tester

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As well as flash and RCD trip time tests, the Supernova Elite also has full dual voltage capability.

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The Seaward Supernova Elite advanced downloading PAT tester has a comprehensive range of tests including RCD trip time and flash tests as well as dual voltage capability.

A test record memory stores up to 5000 PAT testing results including location, user, test status and date. It links to a PC and has a modem for remote transfer of information. There are connections for a barcode reader, braincell scanner and printer, as well as a parallel printer port.

  • Earth Continuity: Test Currents 25A, 10A, 4A, 100mA.
  • Insulation Test Voltage: 250V, 500V DC.
  • Flash Test Voltages: 1500V (class I), 3000V (class II).
  • RCD Trip Time Test: Test Current 30mA.
  • Protective conductor current , touch current and substitute leakage tests.
  • Load Test Display Range: 0kVA - 4.2kVA.
  • IEC Lead Polarity Tests Performed: Live / Neutral Continuity and Polarity.
  • Touch current test.
  • Substitute leakage test.
  • Load test.
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard for easy adjustments to store assets.
  • RS232 port for connection of optional printers and barcode scanners.
  • Display Graphic: LCD - 1/4 VGA (320 x 240 pixels).
  • Dimensions: 400cm x 32cm x 16cm.
  • Weight: 9.5kg.
  • Seaward Supernova Elite warranty: 1 year.


Includes: Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Tester, PATGuard Elite 3 Software (Free Trial - 30 Days), Earth Lead, 110V Adaptor, Dual Serial Port Adaptor, 9-Way Computer Lead, Flash probe.

Dual Voltage Yes
Insulation Test Voltages 250V & 500V
IT Safe Yes
QWERTY Keyboard Yes
Downloadable Yes
RCD Test Yes
Flash Test Yes

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Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Tester