Martindale FL30 Lamp Tester

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Ideal for maintenance applications where lamps can be checked before attempting to access difficult locations for lamp replacement.

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The Martindale FL30 lamp tester is ideal for the fast testing of gas filled lamps, especially low and high pressure vapour lamps. This lightweight, handheld unit tests most gas filled lamps by ionizing them with a high frequency voltage of approximately 3kV. Tests the following: Fluorescent, Low Press Sodium (SOX), High Pressure Sodium (SON), Neon lamps & tubes, Mercury Vapour, Metal Halogen.

The FL30 can be used to test fluorescent and neon tubes while situated in light fittings without the need for removal. The kit is supplied with a telescopic antenna to allow testing of tubes on standard height ceilings without the need for ladders or platforms.


Compact, lightweight with simple one button test function.
Fast testing of fitted fluorescent and neon lamps.
Provides a quick and simple method of checking lamps.
Speeds up lighting maintenance applications.

Martindale FL30 Specifications:

  • Lamp test voltage: 3kV at 280kHz approx (with new battery).
  • Field strength: 100μV/m approx.
  • Operating environment: -10°C to 50°C ±70% R.H.
  • Power: Single standard 9 volt battery, IEC 6LR61, NEDA 1604.
  • Conforms to BS EN61010-1 CAT I.
  • Max 50V to earth.
  • Pollution Degree: 2.
  • EMC: Conforms to BS EN61326.
  • Dimensions: 169 x 40 x 24 mm approx.
  • Weight: 109g (battery included) approx.
  • Martindale FL30 warranty: 2 years.

Includes:  FL30 lamp tester, Carrying case, Telescopic antenna, 9V battery, Instructions.

ENVIRONMENT Fluorescent Light

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Martindale FL30 Lamp Tester