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Pulsar WK2 Long Term Outdoor Kit
  • Pulsar WK2 Long Term Outdoor Kit
  • Pulsar WK2 Long Term Outdoor Kit

Pulsar WK2 Long Term Outdoor Kit

Cuthbertson Laird are authorised distributors for Pulsar Instruments in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Quickly converts your Pulsar noise meter into an environmental monitor. Very robust weatherproof carry case.

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The Pulsar WK2 outdoor system is designed to be used as part of a portable semi-permanent acoustic measurement system. It is powered by the Sound Level Meter or data logger to which it is connected via the screened and waterproof cable. The microphone system in its standard form is not equipped with a separate rainshield, relying instead on a windshield to prevent rain reaching the microphone capsule membrane.

The capsule height can be set to be between 1,2 and 1,5 metres, the two internationally agreed microphone heights for various outdoor measurements. It should be noted that this will bring the birdspikes to a height at which they could cause danger to the user. Care should be taken therefore when using the birdspikes and persons should be protected from this danger.

The WK2 is supplied with a windshield to reduce wind noise and to protect the capsule from adverse weather conditions. The top of the windshield carries the bird-spikes which prevent birds from landing on top of the unit, thus causing extraneous noise as well as soiling the windshield. The unit is also supplied with an integral tripod allowing the unit to be used as supplied.

Please note that the unit does not include a Microphone capsule. A separate microphone can be purchased. Alternatively, use the microphone supplied with the Sound Level Meter.

*The WK2 has a hook system at the top of the tripod legs to allow it to be chained down. The hook is on a standard 20mm conduit thread so that all the standard electrical fittings can be utilised to fasten the system in place. Some users mount the microphone on a vertical threaded conduit tube to place it at a special height.


Quickly converts selected Pulsar sound level meters into an environmental noise monitor.
Very robust weatherproof carrying case (lockable).
Cost effective.
Heavy duty WK2 for longer term noise measurements.
Bird spikes to protect the windshield.
Rechargeable power pack which lasts up to 5 days.
Complete waterproofed outdoor microphone system with WK2.

Includes: weatherproof carrying case for the instrument, power supply and accessories which is linked via a heavy duty 10 metre cable to the outdoor microphone system. (Other lengths are available upon request).

The following sound level meters from the Pulsar range are available to purchase with an optional WK2 heavyweight outdoor monitoring kit:

Pulsar Quantifier range of data logging integrating, averaging sound level meters
Pulsar Model 33 Data Logging Real Time Analysers

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Pulsar WK2 Long Term Outdoor Kit

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