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Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter
  • Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter
  • Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter
  • Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter
  • Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter
  • Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter

Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter

Chauvin Arnoux authorised distributor and calibration house.

Includes: Chauvin CA1110 Lux Meter, Bag, 3 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries, USB cable, test report and quick start-up guide (complete manual and Data Logger Transfer software available from the Chauvin Arnoux website).

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The Chauvin C.A 1110 is a lux meter. It is used to make illumination measurements from 0.1 to 200,000 lux, in the visible part of the spectrum, to the exclusion of electromagnetic radiation that is not visible (X rays, ultraviolet, infrared, microwaves, RF, audio frequencies, etc.).

With the MAP function, you can produce a map of a surface or room in order to check that the illuminance is uniform. Because it is magnetic, the sensor can be fixed to the product for one-handed use or for easy transport, but it is also possible to use it remotely to avoid shading by the operator.

The Data Logger Transfer software is available for free download to view the recorded data, configure the C.A 1110, benefit from remote display and generate automatic reports.


Spectral error compensation for LED or fluorescent sources.
MAP function for mapping the illuminance of a surface or room.
C.I.E. spectral correction and incidence correction.
Wide backlit display.
Remote probe limiting the risk of the operator shading the sensor or built-in probe for one-handed use.
Recording up to 1 million points.
Communicating via USB or Bluetooth.
Data Logger Transfer software with automatic report generation.

Illumination Values
Total darkness 0 lx.
Outdoors at night 2 to 20 lx.
Production plant without manual operations 50 lx.
Passageways, stairs and corridors, warehouses 100 lx.
Dock and loading areas 150 lx.
Changing rooms, cafeteria, and sanitary facilities 200 lx.
Handling, packaging, and dispatching areas 300 lx.
Conference and meeting rooms, writing, reading 500 lx.
Industrial drafting 750 lx.
Operating room, precision mechanics 1,000 lx.
Electronics workshop, checks of colours 1,500 lx.
Operating table 10,000 lx.
Outdoors, cloudy 5,000 to 20,000 lx.
Outdoors, clear sky 7,000 to 24,000 lx.
Outdoors, direct sunlight, summer 100,000 lx.

Chauvin C.A 1110 Specifications
Lux Measurement
Measurement Range 0.1 to 200,000 lux.
Resolution 0.1 lx (0.1 lx to 999.9 lx)
1 lx (1 000 lx to 9,999 lx)
10 lx (10,000 lx to 99.99 klx)
100 lx beyond.
Accuracy ± 3% of reading on incandescent sources (by default)
± 6% of reading on LEDs (3,000 K to 6,000 K)
± 9% of reading on fluorescent sources.
Footcandle Measurements
Measurement Range 0.01 to 18.580 fc.
Resolution 0.01 fc (0.01 fc to 99.99 fc)
0.1 fc (100.0 fc to 999.9 fc)
1 fc (1,000 to 9.999 fc)
10 fc beyond.
Accuracy LED mode: ± 4% of reading (at 4,000 K)
Fluo mode: ± 4% of reading (type F11, 4,000 K).
Recording Manual start/stop on the product
Short press for MEM: spot recording / Long press for REC: recording at the rate of the current mode
Programmed recording
Start date, recording interval (from 1 minute to 2 hours) and end date are defined using the PC software.
Data Storage More than 1 million points.
MAP Function The MAP function can be used to map the lighting on a surface or in a room. In this way, the lighting measurements are saved in the
same file.
Units Lux or footcandles.
Backlight Yes.
Automatic Power Off Yes (configurable).
Power Supply
Type 3 x 1.5 V AA / LR6 alkaline batteries
Connection to the mains possible with the mains / micro-USB adapter offered as an accessory.
Battery Life 500 hrs (portable mode) / 3 years of recording (15-minute measurement interval).
Physical Specifications
Interfaces 2 possible communication modes: Bluetooth wireless link and USB.
Mounting Casing equipped with a magnet, a wall-mount system and a slot for suspending the product
Compatible with the Multifix accessory.
Dimensions 150 x 72 x 32 mm (casing)
67 x 64 x 35 mm (sensor).
Weight 345 g with batteries.
Ingress Protection IP50.
Product Operating Range Temperature: -10 to +60 ° C / Humidity: 0 to 90 %RH.
Compliance IEC61010-1 / IEC 61326-1 / Class C luxmeter as per the French NF C 42-710 standard based on the CIE guidelines.
Data Logger Software Functions Display as a graph or a table of values / Data export in graph or Excel table form
Real-time mode / Automatic report generation in Word format / Data format compatible with the Dataview software offered as an
Chauvin CA 1110 warranty Two-years.


Chauvin CA1110 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Chauvin Arnoux C.A 1110 Datalogging Light Meter.

Download (1.83M)

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Chauvin C.A 1110 Lightmeter
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