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Pulsar Model 14K Noise Measurement Kit
  • Pulsar Model 14K Noise Measurement Kit
  • Pulsar Model 14K Noise Measurement Kit

Pulsar Model 14K Noise Measurement Kit

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Fully compliant, low cost digital sound level meter. Simple and easy to use for basic noise measurement.

Model 14K
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The Pulsar Model 14K noise measurement kit contains all that is required to carry out a noise survey. The Kit includes the Model 14 Sound Level Meter, Model 106 Acoustic Calibrator and all the accessories included with the Model 14.


The Pulsar Model 14 Digital Sound Level Meter has a large and easy to read display, which shows the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) in decibels. You can select either the standard 'A' frequency-weighting dB(A) or the alternative 'C' frequency-weighting dB(C).

The maximum hold function allows the unit to freeze the display showing the highest level measured. This is very useful where the allowable level is given in terms of a maximum (LAFmax or LCFmax).


Low cost Class 2 Digital Sound Level Meter to IEC 61672:2002-1.
Perfect instrument where quick assessment of noise levels is essential.
Simple, lightweight and easy to use for basic noise measurement.
Large, easy to read display.
Compact and lightweight - ideal for spot checking noise levels.
Option of Fast or Slow Time Weighting Models with Maximum Hold.
Measurement range of 35dB(A) to 130dB(A).
Calibration certificate included.


Advanced performance ensures that both models meet or exceed IEC 60942 accuracy requirements.
Full PTB pattern approval awarded on both models.
Ergonomic and robust design ensures comfortable use.
Auto correction for temperature and barometric pressure.
Auto switch off in normal mode and ‘permanent-on’ mode available.
Low battery indicator.
94dB Sound Pressure Level.
Fits ½ inch international standard microphones.
¼ inch adaptor available.
Calibration certificate included.

Pulsar Model 14 Specifications:

  • Standardisation: IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 2, IEC 60651:1979 Type 2 I.
  • Measurement Range: 35dB(A) to 130dB(A), 40dB(C) to 130dB(C).
  • L (Low) Range Information: = 35dB(A) to 100dB(A) > 100dB(A) = over range indicator.
  • H Range: = 65dB(A) to 130dB(A), < 65dB(A) = down range indicator, > 130dB(A) = over load indicator.
  • Frequency Weighting: A & C Weighting to IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 2.
  • Time Weighting: Fast to IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 2, Time constant 125mS.
  • Display Functions: Normal (Sound Level), Maximum Hold.
  • Measurement Functions: LAF, LCF, LAFMax, LCFMax.
  • Display Flags: Over Load (Red Light), Under range (Green Light), Maximum Hold (HOLD), Low battery (LOWBAT).
  • Reference Point: 94dB(A), 1000Hz on Low Range (L).
  • Display: 3½ digit LCD, Update rate of 1Hz.
  • Resolution: 0.1dB.
  • Electrical Outputs: AC Out Max output = 2V, output impedance 600Ohm.
  • Power: 1 x 9V (6F22, PP3), External DC Power, 7V to 10V.
  • Microphone: ½” pre-polarised electret condenser type MK:268.
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C.
  • Dimensions: Length 248mm, Width 66mm, Depth 30mm.
  • Weight: 227gms (8oz) with battery.
  • Pulsar Model 14 warranty: 24 month.

Includes: Model 14 Sound Level Meter, Model 106 Acoustic Calibrator, WS30 Windshield, CP1 Carrying Pouch, Certificates of calibration for the sound level meter and its acoustic calibrator, Operating manuals, Batteries (9V for the meter and 9V for the acoustic calibrator).

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Pulsar Model 14K Noise Measurement Kit

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