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T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection System
  • T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection System
  • T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection System
  • T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection System

T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection System

T&R authorised distributor.

T&R 200ADM operating manual, output lead set, mains lead and spare fuses.

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The T&R 200ADM-P is a flexible current injection system capable of supplying currents of up to 200A AC into a variety of loads. The unit is designed for testing devices used for power system protection, but can be used wherever a high current AC source is required. The outputs may also be used in voltage mode to supply voltages of up to 240Vac.

An auxiliary metering input is available, allowing the measurement of voltage, current, frequency, phase, and harmonics. In conjunction with the main current output this can also measure power and impedance. Test results from the unit may be stored to a USB memory key and comments entered against the results using a USB keyboard.


0-200A output current.
True RMS metering with 1 cycle capture.
Variable auxiliary AC voltage/current output withphase shift.
Auxiliary metering input V, f, Φ, Z, P, S, PF, CTratio, harmonics.
Variable auxiliary output 12-220VDC.
Multi-function auto-ranging timing system.
Current limit mode for fine control.
Data storage to USB memory key includingwaveform & harmonics.
USB keyboard/printer interface.
Automatic mains voltage selection.

200ADM Specifications
Main Output
Range Current Output @ 230V
Cont 5 min* 1 min* 6 sec* O/C Load V
10 V 33 A 67 A 100 A 200 A 10.5 V 8.7V@100A
35 V 10 A 20 A 30 A - 36 V 32V@30A
100 V 3 A 6 A 10 A - 108 V 99V@10A
240 V 1 A 2 A 3 A - 276 V 259V@3A
240 V DC 1 A 2 A 3 A - - -
*Off time of 15 minutes. On times based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.
**6 second intermittent ratings available with 230V supply.
Auxiliary DC Output
Range Maximum A
Continuous Rating
12 - 60 V 1 A 25 W
60 - 220 V 0.23 A 25 W
Phase-shifting AC Output
Range Maximum Output Voltage Current Current
Range No Load Full Load Continuous 5 min on/15 min off
0-130 V 144 V 125 V 0.23 A 0.46 A
0-260 V 288 V 250 V 0.11 A 0.23 A
0-6 V 6.6 V 5 V 5 A 10 A
Frequency Range 45 - 100Hz.
Protection current limit & electronic trip.
Timing System
Range 0-999.999s/9999.99s/99999.9s autoranging.
Resolution 1/10/100ms.
Accuracy 0.01%rdg+2d (+4d current operated mode)
Contact o/c 24 V.
Contact s/c 20 mA.
V DC 24—240V.
General Specifications
Supply Requirements 115V/230V ±10% auto-selecting 50/60Hz 1ph 2300VA max.
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Dimensions 560 x 456 x 265 mm.
Weight 22.6kg.


T&R 200ADM-P Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection System.

Download (5.03M)

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T&R 200ADM-P Current Injection System
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