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Megger Oden AT/1S Primary Current Injection Test System

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Includes: A cart (Art.No. 50-00092) is always included with purchase of a complete ODEN system. The cable set(s) for connection to the object under test must however be stated as a separate item in the order. High current cable(s) for connecting current units in series is included with purchase of two or three current units.

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The system consists of a control unit together with one, two or three current units. There are three versions of the current unit: S, X and H. The S and X current units are identical except that the X unit has an additional 30/60 V output. The H unit is rated for even higher current. This makes it possible to configure an ODEN AT system in a suitable way. All parts are portable, and ODEN AT can be quickly assembled and connected.

Example: ODEN AT/2X - 2 = Number of current units, X = Version of current unit (S, X or H).

The control unit has many advanced features – a powerful measurement section for example, that can display turns ratio as well as time, voltage and current. A second measurement channel can be used to measure an additional current or voltage. Current transformer turns ratio, impedance, resistance, power, power factor (cos φ) and phase angle are calculated and shown in the display. Current and voltage can be presented as percentages of nominal value.

Primary current injection testing & breaker testing

These tests require high currents and the ability to measure very short duration, current flow. ODEN AT has been designed especially to meet these needs. No extra contacts are needed to measure the operating time of a low-voltage breaker. Testing stops at the instant when the main breaker contacts open to interrupt the current. Output current initiation is synchronised with the currents zero-crossover point to ensure good repeatability and minimised DC offset.

Testing current transformers

For turns ratio testing, the primary current and either the secondary current or the turns ratio are displayed simultaneously. Since the turns ratio is displayed directly as the nominal value (1000/5 for example), no further calculation is needed. Burden of secondary circuits can be measured and presented in VA.

Polarity testing

The currents phase displacement is shown, and the polarities of the outputs are clearly marked.


Modular design to permit optimal user configuration of output current vs. unit size.
Compact transport cart facilitates portability into switchgear rooms with limited space.
Unique I/30 function allows the current to be pre-set using low current to prevent test sample heating.
Mains voltage: 240/400V AC, 50/60 Hz.

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Megger ODEN AT/1S Specifications
Application Field The instrument is intended for use in high-voltage substations and industrial environments.
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F).
Storage & transport -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +127°F).
CE Marking
LVD 2006/95/EC.
EMC 2004/108/EC.
Measurement Section
Measurement method AC, true RMS.
Inaccuracy 1% of range ±1 digit.
Ammeter 1
Ranges 0 – 4800 A / 0 –15 kA
0 – 9600 A / 0 – 30 kA
0 – 960 A / 0 – 3 kA.
Ammeter 2
Ranges 0 – 2.000 A / 0 – 20.00 A.
Maximum current 20 A (The input is not protected by a fuse).
measurement method AC, true RMS.
Resolution 0 – 9.999 V
10.00 – 99.99 V
100.0 – 200.0 V.
Inaccuracy 1% of range ±1 digit.
Input resistance (Rin) 240 kΩ (range 0 – 200 V)
24 kΩ (other ranges).
Dielectric withstand 2.5 kV.
Presentation In seconds, mains frequency cycles or hours and minutes.
Ranges 0.000 – 999.9 s
0 – 9999 cycles
0.001 s – 99 h 59 min.
Inaccuracy ±(1 digit + 0.01% of value)
For the stop condition in INT-mode 1 ms shall be added to the specified measurement error.
Stop Input
Max. input voltage 250 V AC / 275 V DC.
Phase Angle
Range 0 – 359º.
Resoluton 1º.
Inaccuracy ±2º (for voltage and current readings that are higher than 10% of the selected range).
Z, P, R, X, S, Q and power factor (cos φ) For these measurements the result is calculated using U, I and sometimes φ.
Imax Stores highest current value that exists ≥100 ms.
INT-level Threshold indicating that current is interrupted, can be set to 0.7 or 2.1% of range for Ammeter 1.
General Specifications
Mains voltage 240 / 400 V AC, 50 / 60
Hz 480 V AC / 60 Hz.
Mains inlet IEC 60309-2, 63 A.
Input current Output current x open circuit voltage / input voltage.
Protection The output transformer has a built-in thermal cut-out, and the primary side is protected by a miniature circuit breaker.
Control unit AT 570 x 310 x 230 mm (22.4” x 12.2” x 9”).
Current unit S, X H 570 x 310 x 155 mm (22.4” x 12.2” x 6”).
Complete with cart 690 x 350 x 860 mm (27.2” x 13.8” x 33.9”).
Control unit AT 25 kg (55 lbs).
Current unit S 42 kg (92.6 lbs).
Current unit X 45 kg (99.3 lbs).
Current unit H 49 kg (108 lbs).
Cart 11 kg (24.3 lbs).
Display LCD.
Available languages English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish.
Megger Oden AT/1S warranty One-year.


Megger Oden AT Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System.

Download (872.88k)

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Megger Oden AT/1S Primary Current Injection Test System
HCP2000 High current probe. ODEN A/AT/INGVAR. AA-90165
Switchbox Current transformer switchbox. ODEN A/AT/INGVAR. BH-90130
Serial Bar High Current Serial Bar. ODEN A/AT. BH-90102
Parrallel Bars High Current Parallel Bars, 2 pcs. Weight: 3 kg. ODEN AT. BH-90171
Mains Adapter Mains Adapter 240/400V.
Note: Can only be used together with an ODEN AT prepared for this feature.
Cable Set - 2 x 0.5m Multi cable set 2 x 0.5m (1.6 ft), 240 mm2 (2 parallel+bars). GA-12205
Cable Set - 2 x 1m Multi cable set 2 x 1m (3.3 ft), 240 mm2 (2 parallel+bars). GA-12210
Cable Set - 2 x 1.5m Multi cable set 2 x 1.5m (4.9 ft), 240 mm2 (2 parallel+bars). GA-12215
Cable Set - 2 x 2m Multi cable set 2 x 2m (6.6 ft), 240 mm2 (2 parallel+bars). GA-12220
Cable Set - 2 x 0.5m Multi cable set 2 x 0.5m (1.6 ft), 360 mm2 (3 parallel+bars). GA-12315
Cable Set - 2 x 1m Multi cable set 2 x 1m (3.3 ft), 360 mm2 (3 parallel+bars). GA-12310
Cable Set - 2 x 1.5m Multi cable set 2 x 1.5m (4.9 ft), 360 mm2 (3 parallel+bars). GA-12315
Cable Set - 2 x 2m Multi cable set 2 x 2m (6.6 ft), 360 mm2 (3 parallel+bars). GA-12320
Cable Set - 2 x 0.5m Multi cable set 2 x 0.5m (1.6 ft), 480 mm2 (4 parallel+bars). GA-12405
Cable Set - 2 x 1m Multi cable set 2 x 1m (3.3 ft), 480 mm2 (4 parallel+bars). GA-12410
Cable Set - 2 x 1.5m Multi cable set 2 x 1.5m (4.9 ft), 480 mm2 (4 parallel+bars). GA-12415
Cable Set - 2 x 2m Multi cable set 2 x 2m (6.6 ft), 480 mm2 (4 parallel+bars). GA-12420
Cable Set - 2 x 0.5m Multi cable set 2 x 0.5m (1.6 ft), 720 mm2 (6 parallel+bars). GA-12605
Cable Set - 2 x 1m Multi cable set 2 x 1m (3.3 ft), 720 mm2 (6 parallel+bars). GA-12610
Cable Set - 2 x 1.5m Multi cable set 2 x 1.5m (4.9 ft), 720 mm2 (6 parallel+bars). GA-12615
Cable Set - 2 x 2m Multi cable set 2 x 2m (6.6 ft), 720 mm2 (6 parallel+bars). GA-12620
Cable set, 2 x 5m, 120 mm2 Cross section area: 120 mm2
Weight: 15.2 kg (33.5 lbs)
Impedance: 2.2 mΩ.

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