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Megger CSU600A High Current Supply Unit
  • Megger CSU600A High Current Supply Unit
  • Megger CSU600A High Current Supply Unit

Megger CSU600A High Current Supply Unit

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Complete with: Cable set GA-05052, Transport case GD-00182 and CSU 600A User Manual.

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The Megger CSU600A high-current supply unit has two main fields of application. The first is to conduct primary tests on protective relays. A primary test shows whether all parts of the protection system are functioning together properly within the specified time limits under operating conditions. The second field of application involves conducting current tests on low-voltage circuit breakers and overcurrent devices.

The CSU600A is a compact instrument which, together with Timer TM200 and an external ammeter, meets stringent requirements for accuracy, easy handling and performance. This current supply unit is ideal for a) performance and turn-ratio tests of current transformers, b) primary tests of protective relays, c) current tests on low- and high-voltage circuit breakers and d) commissioning tests that require variable currents.


Compact and rugged.
Quick and easy to use.
Broad application range.
Excellent weight/performance ratio.

Outputs, AC, intermittent output1) (CAT I)
115 V Mains Voltage 230 V Mains Voltage
Current Load time Minimum Output Voltage Load time Minimum Output Voltage
0 A Cont. 6 V Cont. 9.5 V.
75 A - - Cont. 9.3 V.
100 A Cont. 5.6 V 1 hr 9.0 V.
200 A 15 mins. 5.3 V 5 mins. 8.5 V.
300 A 1.5 mins. 4.9 V 2 mins. 8.0 V.
400 A 1 min. 4.6 V 1 min. 7.5 V.
500 A 20 s. 4.2 V 30 s 7.0 V.
600 A 15 s. 3.9 V 20 s 6.5 V.
1) Maximum load time from cold state 25°C (77°F). Not valid for repeated tests.

Megger CSU600A Specifications
Measurement section
Output for external ammeter 600/6 A.
Inaccuracy ±0.5%.
Maximum cable lengths at 600 A
230 V mains 2 x 5 m (16 ft), 70 mm²
2 x 5 m (16 ft), 50 mm²
2 x 10 m (33 ft), 70 mm²
2 x 15 m (49 ft), 95 mm².
15 V mains 2 x 5 m (16 ft), 70 mm².
General Specifications
Specifications are valid at nominal input voltage and an ambient temperature of +25°C, (77°F). Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F).
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F).
Humidity 5% – 95% RH, non-condensing.
CE-Marking EMC: 2004/108/EC
LVD: 2006/95/EC.
Mains voltage 15 or 230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz.
Power consumption (max) 115 V, 667 VA cont. (interm. 3738 VA)
230 V, 851 VA cont. (interm. 6440 VA).
Protection Thermal cut-outs and miniature circuit breakers.
Dimensions Instrument: 356 x 203 x 241 mm (14.0” x 8.0” x 9.5”)
Transport case: 610 x 290 x 360 mm (24.0 x 11.4 x 14.2”).
Current cables 2 x 5 m (16 ft), 50 mm².
Weight 21.9 kg (48 lbs) 38.3 kg (84.4 lbs) with accessories and carrying case.
Megger CSU600A warranty One year.


Megger CSU600 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger CSU600A and the CSU600AT Current Supplu Units.

Download (183.59k)

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Megger CSU600A High Current Supply Unit
Cable set 10 m 2 x 10 m (33 ft), 70 mm2, Weight: 16.8 kg (37 lbs). GA-07102
Cable set 15 m 2 x 15 m (49 ft), 95 mm2, Weight: 29.4 kg (65 lbs). GA-09152
TM200 Timer. See TM200 datasheet for more information BE-29090

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