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Megger Sverker780
  • Megger Sverker780
  • Megger Sverker780
  • Megger Sverker780

Megger Sverker780 c/w Acc

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Test lead set, robust carrying case & Sverker780 operating instructions.

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With its ease of configuration and its comprehensive range of facilities, including a variable-frequency voltage source with a continuous phase-shift function, Megger's self-contained Sverker 780 relay test set is an invaluable 'toolbox' for protection engineers, which is capable of testing almost any type of single-phase protection relay conveniently and efficiently.

You can also test directional protective equipment efficiantly by means of the built-in variable voltage source. In Megger SVERKER780 this has a continuous phase shift function and adjustable frequency as well. Automatic reclosing devices can also be tested - just as easily.

Designed to comply with EU standards and other personal and operational safety standards, the SVERKER780 is also equipped with a serial port for communication with personal computers and the PC software SVERKER Win.

Sverker780 Extra Features:

Plotting excitation curves.
Current and voltage transformer ratio tests.
Burden measurement for protective relay test equipment.
Impedance measurement.
Efficiency tests.
Polarity (direction) tests.
Injection: Maintained, Momentary & Max. time.
Filtering: When filtering is selected, five successive readings are averaged.
Off delay: The turning off of generation can be delayed after tripping.

Megger Sverker780 Specifications
Current Outputs - AC
Range No-Load voltage (min) Full-Load Voltage (min) Full-Load Current (max) Load/Unload Times On (max) / Off (min)
0-10 A 90 V 75 V 10 A 2/ 15 minutes
0-40 A 25 V 20 V 40 A 1/ 15 minutes
0-100 A 10 V 8 V 100 A 1/ 15 minutes
0-100 A 10 V - 250 A*
200 A**
1 sec/ 5 minutes
* Mains voltage 230 V AC
** Mains voltage 115 V AC
Voltage Outputs - AC/DC
Range No-Load Voltage (min) Full-Load Voltage (min) Full-Load Current (max) Load/Unload Times On (max) / Off (min)
0-250 V AC 290 V AC 250 V AC 3 A 10 min/ 45 min
0-300 V DC 320 V DC 250 V DC 2 A 10 min / 45 min
Separate AC Voltage Source (SVERKER 780)
Range No-Load Voltage (min) Full-Load Voltage (min) Full-Load Power (max)
5-220 V AC, minimim step 0.1 V 240 V AC 220 V AC at 33 W
200 V AC at 46 W
33 W continuously.
46 W 1 minute
Phase Angle 0 to 359°.
Resolution 1°.
Inaccuracy ±2°.
Frequency 15 to 550 Hz.
Resolution 1 mHz.
Inaccuracy ±0.1%.
Auxiliary DC Output
Range Voltage Max Current
20 to 130 V 20 V
130 V DC
300 mA
375 mA
130 to 220 V DC 130 V
220 V DC
325 mA
400 mA
Application Field This instrument is intended for use in HV substations and industrial environments.
Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C (32 to +122°F).
Storage/Transport Temperature -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F).
Humidity 5 to 95% RH non-condensing.
LVD Low voltage directive 2006/95/EC.
EMC EMC directive 2004/108/EC.
General Specifications
Mains Voltage 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption (Max) 1380 W.
Protection Thermal Cutouts, automatic overload protection.
Display LCD.
Languages Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
Dimensions (Instrument) 250 x 270 x 220 mm (13.8 x 10.6 x 8.7").
Dimensions (Transport Case) 610 x 350 x 275 mm (24.0 x 13.8 x 10.8").
Weight 17.6 kg (38.1lbs)
26.3 kg (58lbs) with accessories + case.
Sverker 780 warranty 1 year.
Measurement Method AC, true RMS
DC, mean value.
Internal 0.00 to 250.0 A.
External 0.000 to 6.000 A.
Inaccuracy (Internal Range)
0-10 A AC ±(1% + 20 mA).
0-40 A AC ±(1% + 40 mA).
0-100 A AC ±(1% + 200 mA).
Inaccuracy (External Range)
0-0.6 A AC ±(1% + 20 mA).
0-6 A AC ±(1% + 20 mA).
0-0.6 A DC ±(0.5% + 2 mA).
0-6 A DC ±(0.5% + 20 mA).
Internal Range 10 mA (range <100 A)
100 mA (range >100 A).
External Range 1 mA.
Measurement Method AC, true RMS.
Range 0.00 to 600.0 V.
Inaccuracy AC, ±(1% + 200 mV) Max value
DC ±(0.5% + 200 mV) Max value
Values are range dependant.
Power Factor and Phase Angle Measurements
Range Resolution Inaccuracy
Power Factor cos φ -0.99 (cap) to +0.99 (ind) 0.01 ±0.04
Phase Angle cos φ (°) 000 - 359° ±2°
Impedance/Power Measurements
AC Z (Ω and °), Z (Ω), R and X (Ω and Ω), P (W), S (VA), Q (VAR).
DC R (Ω), P (W).
Range Up to 999 kΩ (X=unit).
Make/Break Contact
Max Current 1 A.
Max Voltage 250 V AC or 120 V DC.
Reclosing Test
Items Measured Tripping and reclosing times.
Display After test is finished a list of all times appears in the display.
Break State Feedback The make/break contact can be used to feed back the breaker state.
Max Number of Reclosings 49.
Max Testing Time 999s.


Megger Sverker750/780 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger Sverker 750 & Sverker 780 Relay Test Sets.

Download (1.08M)

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Megger Sverker780 c/w Acc
Sverker Win PC Software Sverker Win contains software, a copy-protection key and cables (RS232 and USB). CD-8102X
Sverker Win Upgrade Sverker Win upgrade from Rev 2.0. CD-8101X
Cable set Standard Cable set for the Megger Sverker relay test set. GA-00030
Earth/ground cable Ground Cable for use with a range of Megger HV test equipment including the Sverker650, 750, 780 and 900. GA-00200
CSU20A (115 V) Current and voltage source. Includes cable and transport case. BF-41190
CSU20A (230 V) Current and voltage source. Includes cable and transport case. BF-42390
PSS750 Phase Selector Switch designed to work with the Sverker 750/780. CD-90020
Flight case combi Flight case for use with the MOM600A/690, CSU600A/AT, B10E, Magnus, Sverker 750/780/900. GD-00182
Cable organiser Velcro straps, 10 pieces. AA-00100

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