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Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester
  • Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester
  • Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester
  • Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester

Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester, Mains Plug Test Lead (BS1363), 2-Wire Test Lead With Prods and Clips.

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The mid-range Megger RCDT320 covers a wider supply voltage range of 50V to 290V than the RCDT310, allowing use with centre-tapped 110V supplies. It incorporates ramp testing testing, for RCD tripping current measurement, and the unique Megger auto sequence test feature, which saves time by allowing the tester to conduct all the RCD tests, and to store the results while the operator stands by the RCD, resetting it as appropriate.

The operating current range of the RCDT320 is extended to cover 10mA to 1,000mA devices, and the ability to measure AC supply voltage and frequency is added. The large liquid crystal display for test results is backlit in this model, making it easier to use in locations with low ambient light levels.


Tests standard, DC and selective RCDs.
Ramp testing.
Auto (Remote) testing.
3 Phase safe.
Enables testing on 110 V centre tapped supplies.
Weatherproof to IP54.

Megger RCDT320 Specifications
RCD Test Ranges (to EN61557-6)
Supply Voltage RCDT310: 100 V to 280 V (45 Hz to 65 Hz)
RCDT320: 50 V to 280 V (45 Hz to 65 Hz)
RCDT330: 50 V to 280 V (45 Hz to 65 Hz)
Minimum voltage 71 V for 300 mA RCDs, 100 V for 500 mA RCDs and 205 V for 1000 mA RCDs.
Test Current Accuracy
No Trip Test (1/2I): -8 to -2%.
Trip Test (I, 5I): +2% to +8%.
Trip Time ±1% ± 1 ms.
Voltage Measurement
AC Range 0 to 300 V (25 to 450 Hz).
Accuracy ±2% ± 2 digits.
Frequency Measurements (RCDT320/330 Only)
Range 25 to 450 Hz.
Accuracy 25 to 199.9 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
200 Hz to 450 Hz ± 1 Hz.
Fault (Touch) Voltage
Displayed Range 0 to 50 V.
Error +5%/+15% ± 0.5 V.
Programmable RCD Step Increments
10 mA to 50 mA 1 mA steps.
50 mA to 500 mA 5 mA steps.
500 mA to 1000 mA 10 mA steps.
Test Result Storage (1000 Results) - RCDT330 Only
Job Number 256 locations.
Distribution Board Number 99 locations.
Circuits 99 locations.
Phases P1, P2, P3.
Temperature and Humidity
Operating Range -5 to 40°C.
Operating Humidity 93% RH at +40°C max.
Storage Range -25 to 70°C.
Maximum Altitude 2000m.
Environmental Protection IP54.
Rating IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300 V phase to earth.
Power Supply
Batteries 8 x 1.5 V cells IEC LR6 type (AA alkaline).
Rechargeable 8 x 1.2 V NiCd or NiMH cells.
Battery Life 2000 consecutive tests.
General Specs
Weight 980g.
Dimensions 203 x 148 x 78 mm.
E.M.C In accordance with IEC61326-1.
Megger RCDT320 warranty Three-years.


Megger RCDT300 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger RCDT310, RCDT320 & RCDT330 Residual Current Testers.

Download (297.68k)

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Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester
Lead Set 2-wire test lead with prods and clips. 1003-132B
Mains Plug UK Mains Plug test leadset, 3-pin 1 wire (BS1363 plug). 6231-601
Case Blow Moulded Case. MIT/LTW/RCDT. 1007-167

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