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Chauvin PEL104
  • Chauvin PEL104
  • Chauvin PEL104
  • Chauvin PEL104
  • Chauvin PEL104

Chauvin PEL104 Power & Energy Logger

chauvin arnoux Approved distributor

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Includes: 1x carrying bag, 4x voltage cables, 4x crocodile clips, 1 set of rings/inserts, 1 x 600V mains adapter, 1x SD card, 1x SD - USB adapter, 1 USB cable, PC PEL TRANSFER software & user’s manual to download from the website, 1 quick start guide.

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Please Note:

This Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 power logger is NOT supplied with clamps.

The Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 power logger measures and records all the useful data for energy consumption diagnostics. The PEL104 can be used without cutting off the mains power supply.

Portable, rugged and compact, its magnetised casing makes it easy to set up, including in an electrical cabinet. The PEL104 is a logger equipped with 3 voltage channels and 3 current channels. No more battery problems, as the logger self-powers directly via the phase by means of the accessory included.

The backlit LCD screen equipped with a triple digital display is particularly easy to read. The PEL 104 is also equipped with an SD card capable of storing several years' data, an ideal function for measurement campaigns.


Compact magnetised casing.
Communication via Wifi, 3G-UMTS/GPRS, LAN (Ethernet), Bluetooth and USB.
ANDROID application.
Self-powered via its voltage inputs up to 600 V.
Continuous recording with an interval of 200 ms between measurements.
Measurements as per the IEEE 1459 standard.
Measurements of the fundamental active power.
4 voltage inputs and 3 current inputs.
5 measurements per second, simultaneously on each phase.
Active, apparent and reactive power values.
Phase: cos phi, tan PHI, PF.
Sending of periodic reports by email.

Chauvin Arnoux PEL Product Video

Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 Specifications
Model 103
Display With quadruple digital display.
Installation types Single-phase, split-phase, three-phase with or without neutral and many other specific configurations.
Number of channels 4 voltage inputs, 4 current inputs.
Network frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz & 400 Hz.
Voltage (measurement ranges) 10.00 - 1,000 Vac/dc.
Current (depending on sensor)

(measurement ranges)

5 mA ac to 10 kA ac / 50 mA dc to 1.4 kA dc
Calculated Measurements
Ratio Up to 650,000 V / up to 25,000 A.
Power 10 W to 10 GW / 10 var to 10 Gvar / 10 VA to 10 GVA.
Energy Up to 4EWh / 4 EVAh / 4 Evarh.
Phase cos φ, tan Φ, PF.
Harmonics THD.
Complementary Functions
Phase order Yes.
Min/max Yes.
Mounting Hook (optional).
Sampling / Acquisition rate / Aggregation 5 measurements/s - from 1 min to 60 min.
Memory SD card 2 GB (SD-HC up to 32 GB).
Communication Ethernet , Bluetooth, USB, Wifi and GPRS.
Power supply Power supply via the phase
1,000 V AC/DC
Safety IEC 61010 1000 V CAT IV.
Dimensions 245 x 270 180 mm without sensor.
Weight <3400 g.
Chauvin PEL103 warranty 2 years.


Chauvin PEL100 Series Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Chauvin Arnoux PEL100 power loggers.

Download (6.52M)

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Chauvin PEL104 Power & Energy Logger

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